Abarrotes Carrillo is getting ready for their grand re-opening

Abarrotes Carrillo grand reopening for their restaurant will be this Friday July 8, 2022. Abarrotes Carrillo is located at 903 W 3rd Street, Davenport, IA. Photo by Jose Murillo / Hola America

A family owned business in Davenport is getting ready for their grand reopening, after a fire destroyed Abarrotes Carrillo last December. 

The building sustained severe fire, smoke and water damage. The restaurant was a complete loss. And the second floor that was a residence also sustained damage. Now almost 7 months after the devastating fire, the restaurant is getting ready for its grand reopening. 

The owner gave us a tour of what the restaurant now looks like and said they are grateful for all the support they received from the community while they were remodeling.


“Pásele”, you can hear and feel the excitement from the Carrillo family as they get ready to reopen their restaurant.  

“This is the beginning where we went with an architectural open concept. We wanted an open concept. To have as much open scene as possible. This is the best layout and the best design for it.” said Miguel Carrillo, the son of owner Adrian Carrillo. 

This is how the newly renovated Abarrotes Carrillo Restaurant will look.
Photo by Jose Murillo / Hola America

Adrian Carrillo opened up his business in 2009 and said the remodel was the vision his children had for their business.


“I am so proud. Especially of my children because they did it the way they wanted it to look like and well here it is.” said Adrian Carrillo.

Cooks have been working all morning to make sure their popular dishes are all ready for Friday’s grand reopening. 


Last weekend they opened their grocery store and “carniceria” (meat section).


“It went really great. Customers were really happy. and it was just a total success for everyone.” the younger Carrillo said.


Miguel Carrillo says the support they have received from the community is what’s kept them going.

“We can’t thank them enough for supporting us in that way. It motivated us more to reopen as quickly as we can. We missed our customers, our customers missed us. So, it was an additional motivational factor to open as quickly as we could.” Miguel said. 

As for Adrian, he says none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the donations they received from the community and their faith.

“Muchisimas gracias por el apoyo.” he said in Spanish. Thank you very much for the help spiritually and economically. Thank you for all the donations that we got after the accident. Thank you to God for giving us opportunity to keep on going.” the elder Carrillo said. 

Abarrotes Carrillo grand reopening will be this Friday July 8, 2022. Abarrotes Carrillo is located at 903 W 3rd Street, Davenport, IA. 

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