A man dressed in a bear suit is walking across America and might pass by Iowa!

Screenshot from Bearsun website

This weekend a 33 year old man dressed in a bear suit is walking from Los Angeles California  to New York City. 

Jesse Larios is recognized as I am Bearsun and he is walking across America to raise $15,000 for charity! He is walking across America for Autism, Cancer, Mental Health, environment, and for the Disabled community. From bringing awareness to making kids smile, his journey and character is one that attracts many people.

Challenges like these aren’t new to him as In April of 2021 he walked from Los Angeles to San Francisco which is a total of 482 miles raising over $17,000 in Charity. This is like walking from Council Bluffs, IA to Chicago, Illinois (461 miles). 


Larios have also done Marathons to raise money for Charity; as Larios is making his way to New York City there is a Chance Larios will walk through Iowa.

To follow Larios Journey to walking across America in a bear suit; you may follow his instagram and as well visit his website to donate or for more information!

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