20 Small House Dos & Don’ts Part 3 of 3



DON’T Leave out architectural detailing. Not reserved for only ornate areas, accents such as molding and wainscoting are simple ways to define and dress up a small space. In Sheila’s living room, deep crown molding was the inspiration for the color of the just-as-crisp-looking ceiling.
DON’T Buy furniture

just to buy furniture. Figure out how much seating you need for the number of people in your household and the number you typically entertain, and buy enough furniture to suit that amount. Otherwise, you end up with a cramped space that’s not comfortable.
DON’T MESS with fussy window treatments. Fabric that overwhelms with pattern will draw attention to itself and away from a carefully thought-out room design. Choose simple treatments that filter the sun and provide privacy from the neighbors while blending with your furnishings.
DON’T Waste an inch of space. Even the closets should work hard. Sheila recommends installing extra closet shelving for storing shoes and other necessities. She also weeds through her possessions every now and
again to keep clutter to a minimum.
DON’T Feel limited by a small yard. Sheila’s yard offers seating, plants, and a small pond she built with advice from a local home center.

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