Turning the Page on MVP: Michael Venom Page deals with first career loss and welterweight tournament elimination last weekend at Bellator 221 from Chicago


One week down, twelve to go. That how many weeks, Bellator superstar, Michael “Venom” Page also known as MVP to the mixed martial arts community, has left on his ninety-day medical suspension after suffering his first career loss to Douglas Lima last weekend in the co-main event of Bellator 221: Chandler vs Pitbull. And to add injury to insult, that loss also eliminated him from the Bellator welterweight Grand-Prix tournament as well, advancing Lima to the finals. “I’ve been a fan of him for a long time anyway,” said Page. “I do respect him as a person and a martial artist so I want him to win (the tournament).”

Much of the MMA world had this fight being a potential Fight of the Year candidate and although the fight only lasted two rounds, MVP could have easily been the winner of this as he landed a hard shot early in the second round that would have put most other fighters down and out. “As soon as I hit him I saw his legs go in,” explained Page of this first round work. “I had a massive boost in confidence. I’m to long for him, I knew I was going to find that chin again and I definitely would have. I’ve fought styles like that before, and I prefer to be on the front foot. I got too excited in my success.”

But his shot was not enough as just a minute later, MVP lunged forward missing Lima as his foot was kicked out from under him by Lima which was followed up with an uppercut to MVP as he was getting up, putting him to sleep. “At the time no, I didn’t know what happened. I had to go back and watch it back,” said Page.” “It was more my mistake and how I got up. I think I was having too much success and it just boosted my confidence. On the way in he threw one of his leg kicks, I slipped and instead of staying on the floor and keep fighting I stood straight back up and he threw a very accurate punch that I walked into and he’s a person that you don’t really want to get hit by.”

As Page is one of the fighters that Bellator has been building up, and this being his first loss in his career, Page has the personality to continue to be the flashy Hollywood-like style fighter he has always been. And despite the three month set back, he intends to brush this loss off and continue leaving his mark in the sport. “It was going to be September anyway, so it kind of works out,” said Page. “It’s not over for me. I’m going to enjoy the comments after this fight. I know people have been waiting. I’m gonna soak it up and come back and piss more people off.”

Photograph by: Nicholas Cunningham

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