Road Education


educacion_vialThis past Feria de Leon 2007 celebration, the traffic department invested in what very few weren’t concerned about, on teaching road education.  In these photographs you can see the work put in by these brave people, who everyday have to face with vehicles and their drivers.  Under the orders of Director Jose Guadalupe Alcala Jimenez, the road education course was put into the hands of three members of the force to teach road safety that’s necessary for children, teenagers and adults; since many forget the lessons taught by their parents
or in school on road safety, this comes to prove that there will always be individuals with no or very little road education who to try to beat time and forget or become careless of others safety.  Congratulations to the MIMOS, Gonzalo Serrano who’s been in the Corporation for three years, to Rodrigo Prado (aka Rayito), member of the Clown Union and to Miss Iris Valdovinos, who’s devoted four years of service in this Corporation.  For many of us who are older, to see the work these young people do, makes us proud to know that there are people who will always worry about the safety of others.  These young men and women, with their hands and features, show us the safe ways to cross the street.  This, by the way, made all of those native of Leon remember the unforgettable character that for many years, served duty with honesty and dedication in a way no other could while helping vehicles and passer-by’s stay safe, with much respect and my admiration, we will always remember “EL ELEGANTE”.

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