National Gypsum Lands Innovative Hispanic Marketing Partnership with a Red … September 18, 2007


National Gypsum, one of the world’s leading producers of gypsum wallboard and related products, has just sealed an innovativechapulin_colorado three-year marketing partnership and it all hinges on…a red grasshopper.Say what?

Hispanic television legend “El Chapulin Colorado,” translated “the red grasshopper,” is the new face of National Gypsum for its Hispanic customer base. The iconic insect, which has charmed worldwide Spanish-speaking audiences for nearly 40 years, will appear in all of National Gypsum’s Latino marketing materials across the country’s top Hispanic markets.


“El Chapulin Colorado is a very powerful character known for his honesty, integrity and ability to get the job done,” said David Drummond, director of marketing for National Gypsum. “His popularity transcends all Hispanic nationalities and across all generations, so the selection for him to represent National Gypsum to increase brand awareness of our products among Hispanic construction workers is perfect.”



A quick survey of the construction industry landscape reveals Hispanics are well on their way to becoming the majority end-user of all construction materials. Of special interest to National Gypsum, a 2004 survey conducted by the Occupational Outlook Handbook revealed 49.6% of all drywall installers, tapers and ceiling tile installers in the United States are Hispanic.


Hispanic adults and children alike have fond regards for the charming superhero that is known for saving the innocent from the clutches of evil. Many can recite the popular refrain by heart: “More agile than a turtle…stronger than a mouse…his emblem is a heart…it’s the Red Grasshopper!”


Authored and played by comedic mastermind Roberto Gomez Bolaños (professionally known as “Chespirito”), “El Chapulin Colorado” was the first series to put Mexican television on the international map. More than 200 episodes were produced from 1970-1978 and eventually broadcast in nearly every Latin American country, where it captured first-place ratings.



“We are linking Roberto Gómez Bolaños’ character only with national brands that have high ethical standards and important recognition among Hispanics in the U.S.,” said Bolaños’ son and Vice President of Grupo Chespirito, Roberto Gómez Fernández. “National Gypsum is very capable of reaching the Latin American population in the United States, which at the same time it is aware of what ‘El Chapulin Colorado’ represents. This opens the door for us to have closer communication with those Latin American families.”


“I believe it will be a very successful move for National Gypsum because of the popularity of El Chapulin among Hispanics around the world,” said Alfredo Garza, director of Hispanic marketing for Enventys, the Hispanic Marketing Agency of Record for National Gypsum. “I’m glad to see that a company like National Gypsum takes the Hispanic market as seriously as they do.” Enventys will be implementing all of the Hispanic marketing initiatives for National Gypsum across the United States.



National Gypsum will begin integrating El Chapulin Colorado into its Hispanic marketing materials
starting in the fourth quarter of 2007.

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