McCain will enter race in April


mccainpicSenator John McCain (Ariz.) announced on the David Letterman show that he will enter the presidential race; a more official announcement will come in April after the senator makes a trip to Iraq.
In the 2000 presidential election,
McCain was President George W. Bush’s biggest opponent in the Republican primaries. McCain is very popular amongst both political parties and along with former New York City Major Rudy Giuliani, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is considered a top contender for the Republican nomination.
McCain agrees at times with President Bush and at times disagrees. This makes very popular amongst voters because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. If elected, McCain will become the oldest candidate ever sworn in for a first term.President Ronald Reagan was 73 when inaugurated in his second term.
McCain is the Senate’s main speaker on Iraq and has supported the president in sending more troops to Iraq. His stance could help him in the Republican primary but may isolate voters in the general election.

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