Lee Lacks Luster in Milwaukee main event at UFC Fight Night last Saturday night

The “Motown Phenom” Express was put to a screeching halt last Saturday night at UFC Fight Night: Lee vs Iaquinta 2, as Kevin Lee (17-4) lost a lightweight rematch against “Ragin” Al Iaquinta (13-4) from the Fiserv Forum in downtown Milwaukee, WI. It was in 2014 that both Lee and Iaquinta first fought and Lee lost that one in a judge’s decision but has since collected seven wins out of his last eight fights and was favored to win this match up as well. “He didn’t hit me with anything the first three rounds,” explained Lee. He hit me with a good one in the fourth so I knew he won that round, so it was close going into the fifth, but I still think I pulled it out.”

And one could argue that Lee was correct about his feeling about it being a close call going into the final round as he threatened a submission twice in the fight but Iaquinta would have nothing of it. “Al has very good defense and he is good at not letting you get your rhythm going and get going,” said Lee. “He had good defense. I had tactical mistakes. Al did a great job.”

Lee’s personality and bravado garnered him a lot of attention leading up to this fight and is partly the reason that so many people thought he had the “It Factor” to pull this fight off. That along with his high intensity style fights, it could have easily been his hand raised at the end of the night and not Al’s. “I could have done better at fighting my style,” said Lee. “My last fight I was doing a good job pushing forward but this fight I tried to switch it up to much. I tried to switch up my style too much and that cost me. It was a winnable fight that I let loose.”

With the lightweight division tied up at the top, losing to Iaquinta drops Lee out of title contention for now, but a new path and a new division may seem the way for him to go if he wants to be at the top of the mountain again sooner than later. “I still think 165 is coming and if they do maybe I might look to go there and see if I can prolong my body a little more,” said Lee. “I was one of the first guys to talk about and I’m going to continue to push for it, because I think it’s so necessary. The older I’m getting its getting a little harder each time so it may be time for me to make that change.”

Photo: Nicholas Cunningham

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