Hispanic Community Supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure


race_for_the_cureOn Saturday, June 9th, 2007, around 8,500 people participated in the Susan G. Komen Quad Cities Race for the Cure®.  The race began and ended at the Mark of the Quad Cities in Moline.  Like always, the Hispanic community in the Floreciente Neighborhood was there to support this cause.  They welcomed the participants with music, cheers and with Yo-Yo the Clown, who with his cheerful energy, mad children as well as adults in the race laugh and have a good time running.  Those who participated did it with one thing in mind:
to save lives and put an end to breast cancer and at the same time encouraging others to participate in this cause that affects 1 out of 8 women in their lifetime.  There were those who participated in the race wearing pink shirts that signified they were cancer survivors.  These people were a great example of the hope there is to bring an end to this disease.  Men as well as women participated in the race, many people wearing t-shirts with someone’s name on the back, signifying they were participating in their honor.  Early detection is crucial for survival, that’s why it’s recommended for women to follow these three steps to breast health: 1. have a mammogram at age 40 and then every year. 2. Have a clinical breast exam by your doctor or nurse at age 20 and at least every 3 years until age 40, then every year. 3. Do BSE (Breast Self Exam) every month starting age 20.

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