When East Moline native, Jeff O’Neil’s was young, it was his older brothers got him into watching scary movies. “I was the youngest out of four kids so I got kind of into watching some of that stuff at an early age,” said O’Neil. When you’ve got siblings that are older watching it, you think well, I’m either going to watch it or go hide in my room and the first couple ones scared me, but the older I got, I loved them.”

O’Neil has has passed down his love for scary movies and everything horror-related to his son Ryker and in a few weeks, the father and son duo will host the Quad Cities first two-day horror and pop-culture convention at the Midwest Monster Fest at the Spotlight Theater in Moline. “There is a big following from those that like horror movies here,” explained O’Neil. “So I figured it was worth a shot.”

The fest will offer an independent horror film festival, a special effects make up contest, artists, vendors, Cosplay and to top it all off, the 45th Anniversary of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion with actors from the original movie. “That was one of the first ones that scared me to death,” said O’Neil. “It seemed so real.”

A fest like this is long overdue for the Quad Cities and O’Neil is excited to showcase all his and his team’s hard work in a few weeks for everyone. “To go to anything like this you have to go to Chicago or Kansas City or Indianapolis,” explained O’Neil. “I hope that everyone come has a great time, meets new people, meets celebrities and gets to enjoy all the great events at it.”

For more information or to purchase tickets visit, www.midwestmonsterfest.com/

Tickets are also available at Co-op Records in Moline and Wake Brewing in Rock Island.

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