On Saturday, April 8th, 2006, the Quad Cities Mexican-American Organization held its 25th Annual Debutante Ball.  The event took place in the historic Col Ballroom, in Davenport, Iowa.  The evening began with the introduction of the beautifully dressed debutantes and their escorts, followed by guest speaker, Michelle Aguayo of News Channel 8.

Over 48 debutantes in gorgeous gowns participated in Saturday's event from the Quad Cities and surrounding communities.  The event is held to honor graduating senior girls of Hispanic descent and their accomplishments throughout their high school years.
“The ball showed how the Latinas are moving on,” says debutante participant, Daniela Cruz, 18, of Alleman, “It's great to hear their achievements!” She added.
The girls certainly seemed to have had a great time with their friends while reuniting with old school friends.
“I was excited so see all my childhood friends here from other schools!” Says Rebecca Aguilar, 17, of Moline High School. 
The ball also allowed the girls to meet and interact with the other girls, making new friends among themselves, “We all just kind of got to know a little more about each other throughout the dance, they seemed really nice.” adds Aguilar. 
The debutantes, families, and friends enjoyed refreshments and then danced the night away with music from Los Mocambos.  A photographer from Paul's Studio took pictures during the event of family members who wished to purchase portraits. 
Family members that shared this day with their daughters will have a lasting memory not only for them, but for their daughters, too.
“This is a good memory to have of my family.  It was good time spent.  I'm glad I participated in the ball because a lot of my family members came and shared this day with me and got to know my friends a lot better.” Says Cruz. 
The event ended around midnight and for Leyby Ramirez, 18, of Moline High School, this was an unforgettable experience she will always remember.
“Its nice to have recognition for everyone's goals and achievements.” Ramirez says, “I'm glad to have been part of this tradition along with my closest friends.” She concluded.  The debutantes left the event with smiles on their faces; some stayed a few extra minutes to take some last pictures with friends; one more memory to go along with the many great ones of their high school careers.  Many girls agreed that this was definitely a great way to spend time before graduation day approaches.  The guests were very satisfied with the way the event turned out.  This was another moment in their lives filled with laughter and happiness that will always be remembered. 
Congratulations to all the debutantes who were a part of this event on your achievements and hard work.  Good luck to you all and may the future hold great things for you; we hope you become great examples for others to follow. 

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