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Almost everyone in their lifetime will have a need for a lawyer. Good lawyers are hard to come by. Not all lawyers out there commit to their clients and fight for them. Eric Reyes of Eric Reyes Law is one of the lawyers that will commit to his clients 100%.
Mr. Reyes is from Rock Island, IL. He attended Augustana College and Northern Illinois University College of Law. He believes that things he saw growing up around him made him into a lawyer who is always looking out for his clients.
“I grew up surrounded by people who were sometimes negatively affected and abused by the law due to ignorance and lack of resources. I saw their futures destroyed when if they had come from a well-to-do family, they would have gotten a slap on the wrist. So I decided he wanted to be able to help people who couldn’t help themselves,” Mr. Reyes shared his personal experience.
Motivated to become not just any average lawyer, but “lawyer of the people,” Mr. Reyes worked hard towards where he is now.
“When I first walked into a courtroom, I preferred people to have no idea what to expect of me as opposed to thinking of me as a part of some already established machine,” Mr. Reyes explained. “I wanted to be my own man, so I started my own firm and started to build my reputation. I won my first trial straight out of law school in front of the late Judge Conklin.”
Mr. Reyes believes in wining his cases. He is not afraid to be the one who takes over that case that many lawyers might deem as “unwinnable.” Mr. Reyes fights for his clients and that is why many in the community know that whether you are in trouble or have any issue that others had told they cannot help you this, you can always come to Eric Reyes because he will find the way to help you.
His law firm had been expanding over the years. At first, he worked as a prosecutor for some years, but being a prosecutor does not always go with his desire to be a lawyer for the people. That is why after a while he left the prosecutor position to start his own firm. Caseload was growing and time came for Mr. Reyes to hire an associate attorney. His firm is growing steadily and new expansion means new location. Eric Reyes indicated that the growing staff needed more space to do their work more efficiently, therefore the need for a new office arose. That is why Eric Reyes Law has moved to a new location at 1830 Second Avenue, Suite 200 in Rock Island, IL.
“Now we have an office setting that matches the quality of representation that our clients receive,’ he said.
Eric Reyes makes sure he serves well his customers, including those who do not speak English. Mr. Reyes himself understands Spanish, but in order to provide a better representation to his Spanish speaking clients he has someone on staff who is fluent in both English and Spanish, so no client is ever lost in translation.
Eric Reyes Law areas of practice are criminal defense (felony and misdemeanor), DUI or O.W.I. defense, immigration and family law.
“In all areas of law that we practice, we take on clients all of the time based on their ability to pay, we fix other lawyer’s mistakes, and we help with cases that other lawyers are afraid to even touch,” Mr. Reyes explained.
With the large caseload and firm expansion, Eric Reyes never forgets about the community that supports him. Each year this firm supports fundraiser through Gamma Alpha Beta from Augustana College that sets out to help children that were affected by a parent’s battler with cancer. This year the firm took on sponsoring a local football team. As member of Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Eric Reyes Law has been one of the Gold Sponsors of the Chamber’s Annual Gala.
“This year, we were nominated for Small Business of the Year by several of our clients who were facing deportation and are now on a pathway to citizenship and will be able to remain here with their families and loved ones,” Eric Reyes proudly shared.
Often people do not think of lawyers in good terms, but Eric Reyes is working hard to become the lawyer that works for the people. And it looks like he is doing good job!
Eric Reyes Law 1830 Second Avenue, Suite 200 Rock Island, IL 61201,, (844) 4REYLAW or (844) 473.9529

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