Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier looks to shine in main event this Saturday at UFC Fight Night Texas


With so much attention focused on the theatrics these days in mixed martial arts, sometimes it feels like we have lost the true essence of what a fighter should be. And #7 ranked UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier knows that at the end of the day, it’s the fight that people want to see and feels like he is very close to getting the title shot he has worked so hard for in his career. “Winning four fights in a row has to put you close to the top,” said Poirier. “I’ll definitely be ready on September 17th.”

If you are an MMA fan and have been keeping up with the matchmaking lately, you know that the guy at the top doesn’t always get the title shot, which fares well for Poirier as he will face #10 ranked, Michael Johnson in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs Johnson this Saturday in Texas. So a win over Johnson won’t catapult him up the division ladder but Poirier still is optimistic of his future after this fight. “I wanted a top guy,” explained Poirier. “But, he’s beaten some top guys in the division, so we’ll see what happens after I get my hand raised.”

Poirier has won seven of his last eight fights with that loss coming from his fight in 2014 against Conor McGregor. That was his last fight as a featherweight and since returning back to the lightweight division, the division where he started his career at, has never felt better and knows what his fans want to see when he steps into the octagon. “People like to see me fight because I’m a real fighter,” said Poirier. “I’m not trying to go in there and dance, circle and squeak out a decision. I’m going in there to hurt somebody and finish the fight.”

We need more fighters like Dustin Poirier to remind us that it’s not the press conference hijinks and social media word wars that makes good fights. It comes down to two people doing what they are supposed to do on fight night. “I’m a fighter,” said Poirier. “I go in there to get into a fight and will do anything it takes to get the win.”

Dustin Poirier will take on Michael Johnson at UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs Johnson LIVE from Hidalgo, Texas on Saturday, September 17th on FS1. 10pm ET/7pm PT.

Image credit: UFC/Pinta

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