Bacon and Beer is Coming: Bacon and Beer Fest Returns to The RiverCenter


This winter has been a brutal one so far for the Quad Cities. But on Saturday, February 3rd, instead of everyone just saying “Brrrr,” everyone will be saying, Brrrrrr-ing on the bacon!”

The River Center in downtown Davenport, IA will host the 4th Annual Bacon and Beer Fest, featuring bacon themed culinary concoctions and beer samples from returning Quad City establishments like Eastern Iowa Baking Company and Backpocket Brewing as well as a few new ones like, Baked Beer & Bread Co. and Virtue Cider.
“Last year was the first year we sold out,” said Jade Presents LLC Event Marketing & Sales Partnerships Coordinator, Shelby Sachs. “It was a huge jump last year. It gets better and better each year.”

And as an added bonus and exclusive to the Quad Cities, the event will be held the day before the Super Bowl where patrons will be able to participate in football themed games for pigskin and pork themed prizes. “We’ve always had it the weekend of the Super Bowl,” said Sachs. “There is a fun Pigskin Classic theme we have in your area that we don’t have anywhere else.”

And if all that isn’t enough to bring you out to celebrate all that is bacon and beer, Jade Presents LLC is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Davenport. “We love partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters in your area and giving back to the community.” said Sachs.

If you are on a New Year’s resolution diet, there is no better cheat day than one with bacon and beer. Treat yourself and bring your family and friends to an event that is quickly making itself a swine-staple in the Quad Cities. “It’s one of our most successful markets and we really like coming back and working with the venue there,” explained Sachs. “We are trying to make it the best customer experience we can.”

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