UIeSalud Serves Spanish-Speaking Iowans

Iowans can now receive online care for illnesses and injuries, conducted completely in Spanish. 


The new Spanish-language service at UIeSalud.com joins University of Iowa Health Care’s online 24-hour urgent care service found at UIeCare.com. UIeSalud is the state’s first and only Iowa-based virtual care product offered in Spanish.

UIeSalud is a service that allows patients to receive care from a UI Health Care provider through a video chat via smartphone, tablet, or computer. A virtual visit, which typically lasts about 20 minutes, costs $50 and is payable by credit card.

“We are pleased to be Iowa’s first provider of a Spanish-language virtual clinic offering in a convenient and accessible form,” says Jean E. Robillard, MD, University of Iowa Vice President for Medical Affairs. “UIeSalud provides access to the quality of care people expect from UI Health Care at the times and places when they need it most.

“Iowa has a growing population of Spanish-speaking residents and visitors, and we want to ensure that we provide quality medical care that meets the needs of this population,” Robillard adds. “UIeSalud.com will also provide translators when needed.”

Patrick Brophy, MD, eHealth & eNovation Center, UI Health Care, notes the conditions that can be treated through a UIeSalud visit include: allergies, bug bites, minor cuts and burns, colds, mild fever, flu, pink eye, rash, sore throat, and urinary tract infections.

All UIeSalud care providers are licensed in Iowa and have been appointed to the medical staff of UI Hospitals and Clinics.

UIeSalud is available to anyone in Iowa, even if they have never been seen at UI Hospitals and Clinics or UI Children’s Hospital. Presently, due to federal laws, individuals who are insured by Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible for virtual health visits. 

 “It’s important for patients to know that their privacy is protected and that the entire transaction is handled in the most secure manner possible,” Brophy says.

“We know that for some conditions, people are going to value the opportunity to connect with a reliable provider from the comfort of their home. And we have measures in place to alert patients when their condition is not appropriate for virtual care and may require in-person treatment.

Brophy adds: “As the name implies, with UIeSalud, we wish good health to the Spanish-speaking people of Iowa.” 


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