Tired of low wages and stressful working conditions?

Workers across the country are uniting and fighting for higher wages and better working conditions. The “Fight for $15” campaign for higher wages and better working conditions has become a national movement, and now that movement has come to Iowa. At $7.25, Iowa’s minimum wage is an insult to hardworking people who are trying to support their families and make a better life for themselves. 


A single person working full time in Iowa needs to make $13/hr to pay for their basic, no frills living expenses. For a single person with two children, that number jumps all the way to $28 an hour. 

Hardworking Iowans deserve better than poverty wages and stressful, uncomfortable working environments. That’s why Iowa CCI is leading the fight in Iowa and won’t stop until we win. 

Iowa CCI will be hosting a movement building workshop on Wednesday, August 5th at the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement office at 2001 Forest Ave in Des Moines. SEIU’s Caleb Jennings and a fast food leader in the “Fight for $15” movement in Chicago will discuss the victory they’ve had in Chicago and how Iowa can follow in Chicago’s footsteps and raise our minimum wage.  

For more details about the event call 515-282-0484. To learn more about the “Fight for $15” visit fightfor15ia.org and “Like” Iowa CCI’s Proyecto Latino page on Facebook. 

!La lucha sigue!

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