The Quad Lock Mounting System Runner’s Armband Review

As a runner, you need very few things in life to survive.  You need a good pair of running shoes, some earbuds that stay in and some clothes that don’t feel like a hundred pounds on you when you run on those hot summer afternoons.  One piece of equipment that is often forgotten about is the armband.  It’s the one thing that secures your most cherished possession, your phone, to your arm.  And yes I said most cherished as most runners would be more upset if they lost their phone during a race as opposed to losing their child.  


Over the years, I have gone through many armbands.  I have struggled with squeezing my phone into an armband that was a wee-bit too small.  I had one where the elastic strap didn’t stay secure and I had the pleasure of watching my phone fly off my arm and into a crowd of stampeding runners. Not the greatest to retrieve might I add.  That same armband was also about as big as my arm so I felt like I had a small tablet bouncing on my arm as I ran.  Trying to start and stop my aps through the plastic sleeve was a struggle as well.  Just when I thought I was going to have to settle for the ginormous armband that was going to fly off the first mile of my run, I stumbled upon an armband that looked too good to be true.  It was an armband that your phone clicked into.   The company actually sent you a phone cover specific to your phone with a space built in the case to click into the armband.  

When the Quad Lock Mounting System case,, finally came in the mail, I immediately put the case on and clicked it onto my arm.  I can 100% say that after my first 5k with this armband, it is the best one I have ever used and can’t see at this point why I would ever go back to another armband.  Before the race, I could use my phone as usual and didn’t have to worry about quickly having to slip it into the sleeve before the race stared.  Just before the race I was able to start my running application and simply click and turn my phone into the armband.  The reassuring sound of the click let me know that it was securely in and wasn’t going anywhere.  During the run, I hardly noticed it was there and the best part was after I crossed the finish line, I was able to quickly push a small lever on the armband that allowed me to unclick my phone from my arm so I was able to stop the running app and get an accurate time.

If you are a runner, this is the armband for you. Depending on the model of phone you have, the Quad Lock Mounting System starts at $34.95 and goes up to $79.90, the higher price is based on if you have a newer model of phone.  Pricey?  Yes, for sure.  But after using it a few times and remembering back to all the annoying times that my peaceful run was disturbed because I was worrying about my phone and armband, I would have paid an unlimited dollar amount during those times to not have to worry about my phone.  

An armband is something you will literally use for every single run you do.  You wouldn’t run a big race in bowling shoes would you?  So why not splurge and treat your arm, your phone and your next run to the next big thing in the running world.  The Quad Lock Mounting System running arm band.

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