The Night Queen Returns at Invicta FC 9

She asked for it and she got it.  After her last loss to now UFC fighter, Jessica Penne back in July of 2013, Invicta FC atomweight fighter Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (8-7) took to social media campaigning for another fight as soon as possible.  With support from her friends and family, Calanoc’s wishes were granted as she will take on Jodie Esquibel (4-1) at Invicta FC 9: Honchak vs Hash on November 1st, from The RiverCenter in Davenport, IA.

This will be Invicta FC’s second event that will be streamed live on UFC Fight Pass and with more eyes on her fight that Calanoc is most likely used to, she does not feel any added pressure to perform.  “I don’t think of it as pressure,” said Calanoc.  “I think of it as motivation.”

Being on Invicta’s big stage and her fight being streamed for the whole world to watch isn’t the only thing that keeps Calanoc motivated.  With seven losses on her record, she realizes the importance of each fight now, but also talks about the evolution of her fight career.  

“I had only one amateur fight before I went professional,” said Calanoc. “When I started there wasnít anyone fighting at my weight, so I was never really comfortable where I was fighting at.”

Having settled down at 105, Calanoc has seemed to find the home she was looking for earlier in her career and knows that the clock is ticking as the popularity of women’s MMA is growing bigger with each passing day.  

“I’m constantly training even when I donít have a fight, because I have no choice but to get better,” explained Calanoc. “I can’t afford to slack off at all.”  

With a slew of fighters that have recently moved to UFC from Invicta FC, the fighters know that they could be one or two Invicta FC fights away from being picked up by the UFC.  

The heart and drive are there for Calanoc and she knows that with a few more wins, she may be one of those fighters in the near future.  But she has to get through Esquibel first. “I always want to finish fights,” said Calanoc. “I’m always evolving and continuously looking to get better in everything and not just one thing.”

Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc takes on Jodie Esquibel at Invicta FC 9: Honchak vs Hashi on November 1st, LIVE from The RiverCenter in Davenport, IA and also streamed LIVE only on UFC Fight Pass.


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