The job of your dreams

Sara Casas-Silva even in her wildest dreams had never imagined of making a career with a company that in everyone’s mind is associated with something magical. This San Diego native started her career path in pretty boring field of mortgages. After the economy took downturn the work in this field dried up, but the opportunity did not made her wait too long. In 2007 Casas-Silva joined Disney on Ice where she now works as a tour coordinator.

Sara Casas-Silva assures she loves to travel and thanks to her skills the job with Disney on Ice was a great fit for her. Traveling the world is the biggest part of this job.

“I enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures and try different food types,” Casas-Silva shared.

Even though Casas-Silva spends 9 to 10 months out of the year on the road and away from her family, she finds a lot of things to be excited about when it comes to her job. Sara Casas-Silva likes that Disney on Ice does a lot of charity.

“We bring the show to people who have no chance to experience Disney on Ice,” Sara Casas-Silva explained. And this is something that makes her feel better at the times she misses her family.

Sara Casas-Silva has been working with Disney on Ice for 8 years and she shared that as part of her job she takes care of logistics, moving personnel and she works with local publicists and organizes PR events. She also said she loved working with great characters.

“I am blessed to have an interesting job,” she said.

She advises everyone who dreams of working for Disney on Ice or in the entertainment industry to get a college degree.

“Go to college first, then pursue it. You need something to fall back on and life is long. Everything in due time,” Casas-Silva shared her experience.

While sharing her experiences and excitements about her career with Disney on Ice Casas-Silva gave a little peek of this year’s exciting Disney on Ice program. She said that this year’s program will please both children and adults. Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy will feature Cars from Pixar’s Cars, Little Mermaid and her friends from Under the Sea, Tinker Bell and her friends and characters from Toy Story 3 including Barbie and Ken.

“People cannot be late or they will miss the cars,” Sara Casas-Silva said. The cars will be life size and they will drive on ice. Little mermaid follows the cars and Tinker Bell joins the fun afterwards. And to make the show even more memorable Toy Story 3 characters will join at the end and this will be the part that adults will enjoy the most because there will be a lot of adult humor. Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy is promising to be a show for the whole family.

“I would like personally to invite all the Quad Cities area to come to enjoy the show,” Sara Casas-Silva extends her invitation to residents of Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

They say that one of the components of true happiness is doing a job that you truly enjoy. Sara Casas-Silva had found that component and she is a happy person who enjoys her fascinating career with Disney on Ice.


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