The Cowboy Rides Again

After his highlight reel knockout head kick to Adriano Martins this past Saturday night at UFC on Fox 10, the future is unsure for lightweight star, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Ranked number eight in the division, it seems like Cerrone can’t seem to break into the top five, but he made it very clear in the post-fight media press conference that he does not want to take any breaks right now. “I want to set the record for the most fights in one year,” said Cerrone.

“There are fighters out there saying that they can’t get fights. Well, I’m your guy.” The UFC might not be able to award Cerrone that record yet, but one that they were able to give him last Saturday night was Knockout of the Night which gave him the record for most post-fight win bonuses at thirteen. Being ranked number eight in one of the toughest divisions right now, Cerrone admits that he got sidetracked a little in the past few years but is confident that he is back. “I got really comfortable and made more money than I had ever made in my life,” said Cerrone. “I forgot the love and what I did this for.” Being 3-2 in his last five fights, Cerrone knows that it may be awhile before he sees himself in a title fight but did say he would fight former UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson if the UFC asked him too. Cerrone went 0-2 against Henderson in WEC, both losses being title fights. “You don’t say no when the UFC calls,” said Cerrone. “I’d whoop that [explicative]. He knows.” Cowboy also addressed someone else who called him out in his last fight a few weeks prior to Saturday night. “Cole Miller is a turd that the UFC hasn’t flushed yet,” said Cerrone. “I think the UFC is against me going to 145. Cole Miller, you need to win some fights then come see me. You are at the ass-end of a long line of people, so we’ll see.”

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