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The Band Perry Performs at the Mississippi Valley Fair

Let me start this article by saying that as a Quad City native for over three decades, I have never been to a concert at the Mississippi Valley Fair.  And let me follow that statement by saying that if the previous years were anything like how great watching The Band Perry commanding the attention of almost thirty-thousand fans was, I really missed out those past years.


As I said, this was my first time seeing The Band Perry live, but it was not the first time they have been to the area.  Opting for a closer look at one of the most popular country music acts out right now, we chose not to take a seat but to walk down to the pit where the real party was at.  On sand covered ground, surrounded by young and old fans alike, The Band Perry started off the set with their hit, “Done” as fans sang along to every word.  I was pleasantly surprised that a few songs later, they did their own version of the Bruno Mars song, “Uptown Funk”.  Having heard from numerous sources on how much fun The Band Perry was seeing live, they lived up to those opinions as they took every opportunity they had to engage the crowd through conversation and even stealing a camera so that fans could see themselves on the big screens.  

But it was their medley of covers of, “Fat Bottomed Girls” and” Life Goes On” that sealed the deal for me that this was a band that knew to play to the crowd.  

They played for a little over an hour and after their last song, I was expecting to hear my favorite song of theirs that they had yet to play.  The came back out and played their most popular song, “If I Die Young.”  After the song finished I was just about to complain about how they didn’t play my song, as I heard the fiddle start and to my surprise packed with a phenomenal percussion solo and smoke and lights, “Better Dig Two” closed out the night.

The Band Perry performing at the Mississippi Valley Fair definitely left another lasting impression on the Quad Cities.   And looking around during the concert at their fans with signs, singing on the shoulders of their friends and the roar for them as they walked off the stage, let me know that they would be welcomed back to the QCA whenever they wanted.


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