The 100 Series

When in 2014 photographer Jaawan Arrington decided to try to repeat one of his coworker’s 100 Happy Days photo challenge, he did not even imagine that from that one experience a whole new project will be born. Now Jaawan Arrington’s The 100 Series has found a lot of positive feedback from many in the community and thanks to this project the photographer got to meet many interesting people and learn about them and what makes those people who they are.

Before launching his The 100 Series project, Jawaan Arrington was simply documenting the 100 days of something positive that might have happened to him every day during that period of time.

“As I was finishing that project, people kept asking me what I was going to do next,” photographer Arrington said. “I honestly had no desire to do anything after that, but I decided to stretch myself and see what else I could do.”

Anita Lopez
Anita Lopez

After some thinking and searching, Mr. Arrington found a project that had to do with meeting new people.

“I liked the idea of getting out of my comfort zone, getting to know someone I’ve never met before, taking their picture, and sharing it with the world. That Project was called 100 Strangers,” Mr. Arrington explained.

While Mr. Arrington was working on this project, his friend encouraged him to keep on making more. Also, that was the time when Mr. Arrington said that he was noticing people seemed to be getting negative and a lot of social media platforms were filled with negativity and anger.

“I felt a need to remind people of all the positive things that were also happening around them,” photographer Jaawan Arrington told. “I then saw I could use these projects as a way to make things happen. From there to The 100 Series was born in the summer of 2015 and I began interviewing people for my 100 Days of Awesome Project.”



As the name suggest each of this photographer’s projects have 100 entries and it takes him about 4 months or so to complete. For 100 Days of Awesome People Project, which also was his first, Mr. Arrington met and talked to 100 people in Quad Cities that he knew and who do some great things that makes positivity the winner at the end of the day.

Hector Meneses
Hector Meneses

“I interviewed them about why they choose to be successful and what they do to become successful,” Mr. Arrington said. “The goal of that project was to show that the every day person can just as, if not more, larger than life than any celebrity or athlete they see on television. That there are amazing people who walk past us every single day and we’ll never know unless we talk to them.”

At this point Mr. Arrington is working on the project called 100 Shades. For this project Jaawan Arrington is asking people to think of the object that “either has a sentimental value, or defines them as a person along with explanation why.” As Mr. Arrington explains we see and interact with a lot of people every day, but more often than not we do not know what sets those around us off or what are some things that make them into a person they are today. And according to this photographer the 100 Shades project is trying to show these things through the art of photography.

If you want to be part of Jaawan Arrington’s The 100 Series project, you can.

“I specifically seek out people who are positive, goal seekers and have good character. People who have amazing inspiring stories to tell that other can relate to and be empowered by. I do take nominations in consideration, “Jaawan Arrington explained. “If people have someone that would be good fit for my current project, they can send a message to me through the The 100 Series facebook page at”

The 100 Project facebook page contains many interesting posts and everyone can check out some other smaller Arrington’s projects, for example 100 Fitness. Jaawan Arrington, also, said that he recently just posted his first cooking video (100 Cooking).

100 series 2
Greg Aguilar

Photos by Jaawan Arrington

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