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Our mission at StackdFit Meals is to help create a healthier and easier eating lifestyle for people who struggle to do so. Not only are we out to make a healthy impact on peoples lives but our goal is to bring awareness and help educate people on the importance of keeping a healthy diet, staying free from chronic illnesses and overall taking good care of the body all together. 13254542_575498089298137_7078388516725698324_nIt’s true! You are what you eat and it plays a huge role in how your body functions on a daily whether you’re an athlete, soccer mom, college kid, hardworking employee or growing toddler. Health is wealth and without good health you’re not worth much unfortunately.

We are a locally owned business that is operated in Bettendorf and service to the Quad Cities area. We take pride in serving fresh meals with fresh ingredients and all natural foods. We thrive 100% in providing great tasting, well-balanced, delicious healthy meals. Whether you want to achieve weight loss or if you simply are taking the steps to eating healthier the convenience of meals being delivered right to your home, business or workplace makes it even better for you.  We offer an array of gourmet lunches and dinners tailored to your own personal tastes and/or dietary restrictions so we can keep you happy and healthy.

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