Stackd Fitness provides the support needed to keep you on track of a healthier lifestyle

When the end of December comes many people start thinking about the ways to make next year into one of the best years of their lives. Many come up with the list of New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. Gerard Gaona, personal trainer, nutritional coach and owner of Stackd Fitness can help to make this particular New Year’s resolution into a lifelong habit.

Mr. Gaona or trainer Gerard, as he is known among his clients, had been working as a personal trainer for 5 years. Being a personal trainer for him is not just a job that pays bills, but rather it is a mission. He shared that he lost three of his uncles to a chronic illness that was made worse by the lack of exercise and healthier lifestyle. Trainer Gerard wants to help others to escape this unfortunate outcome.   That is why this trainer is on a mission to spread “The Stackdlife.” According to trainer Gerard, The Stackdlife is his way of sharing information about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and importance of integrating of exercise and healthy diet in a daily life.

“This recent year I’ve expanded my knowledge and Stackd Fitness and implemented three new things to my business,” trainer Gerard told us. One of the new things that he offers to his clients now are juices. In recent years juicing had been turned into a popular way to increase intake of various fruits and vegetables and to maintain healthy. Trainer Gerard offers different fruit and vegetables juices to help his clients to cleanse their bodies of any harmful toxins.

“It is a very healthy approach to help avoid all the juices from the stores that contain a lot of sugar,” trainer Gerard assured. He now offers one day and three day cleanses. At this moment trainer Gerard is working on developing more juice cleanse packages.

Another important new thing that trainer Gerard offers to his clients are meals called Stackdlife Foods. He told that many people have very busy lives and they might not have time to prepare healthy and nutritious foods. As a result many people fall into a habit of eating fast foods. Trainer Gerard decided that he could help his clients to break free of this habit and started offering prepared lunches and dinners. They are not just regular meals, they are nutritional food especially developed by trainer Gerard to help his clients to stay on track towards their goal of losing weight and learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Trainer Gerard offers one free private one on one session with him for those clients who buy weekly meals from him. Thanks to Stackdlife Foods everyone can eat healthier, more nutritional foods without worries of not having enough time to put it together.

“I want to do everything and anything to help cure us [of obesity] so I go as far as cooking for everyone if that’s what it takes,” trainer Gerard said.

The third final new improvement that makes Stackd Fitness a onetime stop for a healthier life is Tarpeins Dojo. Trainer Gerard announced that his is partnering with Travis Tarpein, the owner of Tarpeins Dojo. According to trainer Gerard, Mr. Tarpein is great friend of his who is very knowledgeable in martial arts. Trainer Gerard now personal trains and works stackd fitness from the Tarpeins Dojo located at 2004 16th Street in Moline, IL.

“I recommend any adult, teen or even parents looking to sign up their kids to learn an art to pick Tarpeins dojo sensei Tarpein. Not only he teaches students martial arts, but [he] teaches structure, self discipline, and respect,” trainer Gerard urges everyone to consider it.

Anyone interested in learning can stop by to receive a free week at Tarpeins Dojo. Also, visit trainer Gerard for tips about health and fitness. For more information about The Stackdlife and The Stackdlife Foods please contact trainer Gerard at (309) 429-1865 or send him an email to   

New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep, especially when it comes to exercise and healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, Quad Cities has an expert, trainer Gerard, who can help anyone interested in a healthier more wholesome lifestyle to keep their resolution and achieve their goal in a long run.


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