Sophina DeJesus gymnastics dance routine goes viral

UCLA’s gymnast Sophina DeJesus video of her dance routine at last Saturday’s meet against Utah has gone viral with over 26 million views on just a few days.



“I love dancing and I love performing” said DeJesus the Puerto Rican gymnast, a senior with sociology major “my main goal was to get out there and hit a good one for my team” she added


Her routine was created with the help of choreographer Chris Ortega from San Diego and her own sister “It was a combination from a whole bunch of people” she said. The routine incorporated “Quan,” “Dab” and the “Whip/Nae Nae” moves into it.

DeJesus got a score of 9.925 out of 10 on her performance to help her team defeat Utah. 

This proud Latina just made gymnastics a whole lot more fun.



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