So You Want to be a Runner?

The spike in temperature and packing up your jeans and coats for the year can only mean one thing.  The season of running is upon us!   Some popular races in the Quad Cities like The Easter Egg Scramble 5k and The Quad Cities Distance Classic have already come and gone, but there are plenty more races and events to look forward to in the coming summer months.  But instead of just giving you a list of what races to sign up for, I thought I would give you a refresher article to make sure you have everything you need to make your running this summer safe and stylish.


If famed Olympian long distance- runner, Steve “Pre” Prefontaine were still alive today, he might have changed the lyrics of Megan Trainor’s song, All About That Bass, to All About Those Shoes.  Shoes are the most important and pretty much the only thing you have to worry about as a runner. Running Wild,, a premiere running store in the Quad Cities offers one on one consulting to help you find the perfect fit and shoe style.  I run with Asics and will probably never run in another brand again as I love them and feel like they are the shoe made for my running style.  

After you have your shoes, the rest is pretty much up to you.  As smart phones have become a norm these days, you probably want to get a good armband that keeps your phone snug and tight to your arm as you run.  I have recently switched from the neoprene sleeve to the Quad Lock Mounting System,, which lets me click the actual phone case into the arm band for easy access to apps and phone calls during my run.

Speaking of apps, there are many run applications you can use on your runs to log your runs and track your progress.  RunKeeper, and Cheering Squad by Nike+ are a couple popular ones to start with.  I use MapMyRun and personally love how easy it is to use and that you don’t have to push many buttons before and during your run.   If you want to shell out a few extra clams, a sports watch like the Garmin Forerunner is the way to go.

As the rest goes, lined, moisture wicking shorts that go way above you knee, sorry basketball players, are the most comfortable to wear on a run.  And personally I think less is more until you start marathon training where sunglasses, hats and energy gel tabs are of utmost importance.  

Whether you are running a mile for a first time or training for you first marathon, running is something you can do anytime of the day and any day of the year.  With the proper equipment and the mindset that you can finish any run you start, you will be crossing the finish line in no time.

Here are a few upcoming runs in the Quad City Area to mark down in your calendars:

June 6th  One Tough Cookie 3 mile mud and obstacle run

(Looks similar to the Tough Mudder.  Haven’t run this one before.)


June 13th Race for the Cure 5k

(Always a big turnout.  This always feels like the first official race to kick off the summer.)


June 20th The Micro Brew Mile  

(Craft beers waiting for you at the finish line.  What more could you ask for in a race.)


June 27th Pioneer Trailblazer


July 4th Firecracker Run

(This one is challenging but a must if you are a runner.  You can do a 5k or 10k.  Heat and hills.  Happy 4th of July!)


July 25th Bix 7

(Nationally recognized as one of the best runs of the summer, the Bix 7 is one the largest races in our area.  It also has one of the largest post-race parties too!)


Aug 6th Freedom Run

(One of the few week night runs, this race pays homage to those who have served and are still serving our country.  Course is very similar to the Firecracker Run, so if you did that one, you’ll love this one.)


Sept 12th It’s Glow Time 5k

It’s a rave, it’s a race, and it’s an event that you need to do this fall.  Break out your glow sticks for this awesome 5k!)


Sept 20th HABLO Hustle


Sept 27th QC Marathon

(The Super Bowl of runs in the Quad Cities.  Whether you run 1 mile or 26, this event takes over downtown Moline and is one that you should start training for now!)


Oct 24th Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5k

(Unlimited Lagomarcino’s hot chocolate awaits you as you run this scenic 5k through the Village of East Davenport.)


Nov 14th Blackhawk College 5k Hustle

(Run around the Blackhawk College campus for this fun and usually chilly 5k)


Nov 26th Turkey Trot

(Before you sit down for your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, make sure you get your miles in.  This 5k is fun for the whole family and is definitely challenging for those advanced runners as you start on the bottom of Brady Street Hill and keep going up!) 

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