Niabi Zoo announces 2015 opening day

Niabi Zoo has announced that it will open its gates for the 2015 season on Monday, March 23. 

The zoo, which has been closed for the winter since the end of October 2014, will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. As a way to welcome the community back out to the zoo, admission will be free until March 27. 

Niabi Zoo Director Marc Heinzman says zoo visitors have much to look forward to this year. “The great thing about visiting Niabi Zoo,” said Heinzman, “is that it’s always a new adventure for our guests. We have several exciting construction projects that we are working hard to finish up, including a new koi pond pavilion and a major renovation of part of our bird building, which will be the future home of meerkats, a brand new species to Niabi Zoo.” Heinzman added that the meerkats have not arrived at the Zoo yet, but zoo guests can preview their newly constructed habitat during their visit. A special announcement will be made in the future when the animals have arrived and are ready for public viewing. “This new exhibit is incredibly immersive and brings huge improvements to one of the oldest parts of the Zoo,” said Heinzman. 

Also new at Niabi Zoo this year is the male giraffe that was born on February 10; however Heinzman said he will not be on public display right away. “We want to give our new giraffe time to adjust to all the sounds, crowds, and all the other new things that come with the zoo being open to the public,” said Heinzman. “It’s a big change at Niabi Zoo between the quiet of being closed for the winter and the hustle and bustle of when we open for the year.” 

Starting March 23, Niabi Zoo will be open seven days a week

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