Native American artist Bunky Echo-Hawk to kick off Latino Native American Cultural Center 45th Year Anniversary celebration

The Latino Native American Cultural Center (LNACC) of the University of Iowa would like to invite everyone to join this important anniversary celebration. This year LNACC is celebrating its 45th year and the celebration will be on April 14 to 16, 2016 in Iowa City.
LNACC was founded in the summer of 1971 by Tony Zavala, Ruth Pushetonequa and Rusty Barceló. At the beginning it was called Chicano and Indian American Student Union. In 1973 the center was moved to a location where it is now and in 1994 the name was changed to Latino Native American Cultural Center. LNACC is located at 308 Melrose Ave., Iowa City, IA.
45 years is a long time and it certainly needs to be celebrated. According to LNACC, “This gathering is a way to share memories and show support for current Latino and Native American students on campus.”
LNACC will start big to celebrate its anniversary. On Thursday April 14, from 6 PM to 8 PM, the celebration will kick off with an evening of Native Art and Literature at Art Building West. Mark the calendar because well-known artist, graphic designer, photographer and writer Bunky Echo-Hawk will be there to delight people with his art. Bunky Echo-Hawk is a Native American artist who is known for his acrylic paintings about topics that affect and impact Native Americans and hip hop culture. He is a member of Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and an enrolled member of Yakama Nation. He is also a traditional singer and dancer. His art work was exhibited in many big museums of the nation, including exhibits in Chicago, New York and Greensboro, NC. Bunky Echo-Hawk will create work of art on canvass, while Brenda Childs, UI graduate and associate professor in the Department of American Studies at the University of Minnesota will read her latest work, The Grandfather’s Knocking Sticks: Ojibwe Family Life and Labor on the Reservation.
After a night of cultural enrichment, come back on Friday, April 15 for a day filled of many interesting events. The day will start at 11:30 AM with Alumni Luncheon at Hillcrest Dining Hall – North Private Dining Hall (payment accepted at the door). There will be other events throughout the day, such as Roundtable discussion about the state of Latino and Native America life on campus. For full schedule of events please visit
This day will culminate at midnight. From 8 PM to midnight LNACC will have an Open House where everyone will have a chance to tour the LNACC and mingle among friends.
The last day of the festivities will start at 8 AM on Saturday April 16. The day will be filled with events, including Community Conversation and Networking to discuss the future of the LNACC house and the 22nd Annual UI Powwow that will celebrate Native American dance, food, culture and traditions, and it will end at 9 PM with Alumni Social at The Airliner.
LNACC would like everyone to join them to celebrate their 45th Anniversary. Start the celebration with artwork of a nationally known artist Bunky Echo-Hawk and finish the weekend of celebration among friends.
The full schedule of events and locations is available at Please register to attend at If you have any questions about registration please send an email to or call Jane Kirsch at 319-335-3296. Any other questions concerning planned events please contact Peggy Valdes at the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership at 319-335-3059.
The dateline to register is April 12, 2016. Registration is free for all alumni and students.
The following organizations will part of this event: The UI Alumni Association, Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, Center for Diversity and Enrichment, UI Latino Council, Native American Council, the Native American Student Association, Sigma Lambda Beta, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Association of Latinos Moving Ahead, and Lambda Theta Nu.


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