Mike Goodwin: The Man Behind the Mat

If you would have told Mike Goodwin, promoter and owner of Extreme Cage Rentals, that when he decided to start a business buying then renting a professional style cage to area promoters, that in just three short years he would transitioned from being a cage owner to one of biggest promoters putting on what are now known for being some of the best amateur mixed martial arts shows in the QC area, he would have laughed at you.  But the proof is in the numbers and on Friday March 8th and Saturday March 9th; Extreme Cage Rentals presents Caged Aggression IX: Return of the Champions makes its return to the QCCAExpoCenter in Rock Island, IL and Mike couldn’t be any happier with how far he has come. 

“I plan the shows as a fan first,” said Goodwin. “I want to be able to look up and down every fight card and I want to say either one of these guys can win this fight.” 

Originally from Galesburg, Goodwin put on his first show at The Knox County Fairgrounds in Knoxville, IL and two years later the upcoming show at the QCCA Expo center has all the ingredients to be a sellout.  Goodwin always credits the fighters for being the sole reason for all the success he has had with the organization but if you have ever been to one of his events you know that some of the reason is also the production value of the show. 

From, lighting and sound, to pre-fight interviews, Goodwin is always looking to improve from his previous show, and in March he will do it again as he will have the area’s first two-night fight card, showcasing top notch fights Friday and Saturday night.  “I am blessed and humbled to have over 140 fighters asking to be on the fight cards,” explained Goodwin.  “A two night event allowed for almost triple the amount of fighters we usually have and it allows me to give more gyms and teams exposure in the Midwest.” 

Showcasing over 14 teams from Rock Island to Chicago and everywhere in between, Goodwin sees fair and fresh matchmaking as the recipe for success in his company and being the forward thinker he is, he is excited for March but is already thinking of what’s next for ECR.  “It’s time to do a Professional show,” said Mike. “I believe the evolution of our show and promotion has gone so fast, that the timing is right.”  With that, another show in September and a potential summer show, Mike Goodwin and his team at ECR definitely have their plate full for this year, but Goodwin wouldn’t have it any other way.  “I appreciate what these guys do in the gym and I want to be that guy that works just as hard on this side fence so there is a mutual respect from both sides that we are all doing our part” said Goodwin.  “You’re never going to come to our show and leave thinking that was just like the last one I went too.  From start to finish, from the weigh ins to the main event, I’m going to do my best with my team to give you the best fights, presentation, the most production and the best show and hopefully you leave happy.”

Extreme Cage Rentals Presents: Caged Aggression IX: Return of the Champions, Friday March 9th and Saturday March 10th from the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island IL.  To buy tickets go to www.cagetix.com, the QCCA Expo Center or call 563-676-8700 for more information.

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