Liandro Arellano, Jr. candidate for Mayor of Dixon

They say we have to vote to make our voice count. This year on April 7 residents of Dixon, IL will be choosing a new mayor and the Republican candidate Liandro Arellano, Jr. has a lot to offer to his constituents.

Liandro Arellano Jr. is not just any candidate. Arellano Jr., son of Mexican father and German mother, was born in Fond du Lac, WI. His grandparents were immigrants from Mexico who worked in the fields. Arellano, Jr. assures that thanks to his grandparents and parents he has a strong work ethic. When he was 7 years old his family moved to Grand Detour, IL where his father worked as a pastor and young Liandro Arellano, Jr. attended Christian schools.

In addition to growing with strong morals and values, when he was in High School, Arellano decided to serve his country and on April 11, 2003 he joined the U.S. Army reserves. He is a proud veteran who went on active duty for two combat tours. In 2005 he was based in Ramadi, Iraq and between 2009 and 2010 he was sent to Baghdad, Iraq. At present time Arellano is a Sergeant in the 485th Engineer Company in Machesney Park, Illinois.

While being a veteran with two tours in Iraq behind his shoulders is a very admirable quality for a mayoral candidate, this republican hopeful is also a business owner who started in the food services industry form the very bottom.

“Although I have worked in several different industries, I mostly stuck with food services to pay my way through college. I entered lower management when I was 19, and I was a store manager for corporate Jimmy John’s by the time I was 24,” Arellano said. By 2007 Arellano bought franchise rights to own his Jimmy John’s restaurant. Now this promising businessman owns two Jimmy John’s restaurants, a small company that does commercial leasing and he is planning to open a small yogurt store in the summer of this year.

Although it may seem that he had already reached his American dream, he does not stop there. Arellano believes that he possesses necessary qualities to lead local government. His background in military leadership, business management and local development put him in a great position to become a next mayor of Dixon.  

“I am very passionate about improving the community by providing opportunities to all,” Arellano said.

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Arellano also explained that he believes that Dixon has great economic and cultural potential and according to him with a new leader the city can become more united. That was one of the reasons why he decided to become the mayor. Certainly it does help a lot to know that his family fully supports and understand his commitment for public serving.

“Since I have two young daughters, my wife would actually prefer I serve my community here locally rather as a Soldier overseas again,” he laughs.

With a wonderful supportive family behind him, and if chosen mayor of Dixon, Arellano is ready to start implementing his goals for making a city of Dixon even a better place for everyone.

“The first order of business will be implementing the new, more professional ‘City Manager’ form of the government that voters chose on the November elections,” Arellano shares his goals. This way, according to Arellano, citizens will be better represented in the city council.

His second point to focus on would be taking advantage of the economic opportunities in Dixon. Arellano believes that Dixon needs to start rebuilding its infrastructure.

“A healthy infrastructure in not just better for individual citizens, but it is very attractive to businesses that are considering coming into Dixon,” Arellano clarified his goal.

This republican candidate also believes that there is a need to find industrial and commercial development to go along the interstate; this may possibly result in more jobs for residents of Dixon and additional tax revenue.

Arellano’s final goal is to long-term budget health.

“Now that we have a healthy budget for the first time in decades, we must have long-term vision for the city that fosters growth without taking on too much debt, or leveraging future budgets for today’s spending initiatives,” Arellano explained his goal.

To reach his goals he first has to be chosen to lead the local government. A republican candidate for mayor of Dixon is a veteran, a successful businessman and a great father and husband. Liandro Arellano, Jr. invites the residents of Dixon to make their vote count on April 7.

“I am a father of young daughters who will be growing up in this city and as such I want both near-term and long-term success for Dixon. No kicking the can down the road for our children,” Arellano said. Like his campaign slogan says it seems that Li Arellano is “A Fresh Start for Dixon”

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