Johnson County in Iowa issues Community ID cards

Johnson County in Iowa had started to issue Community IDs. Even though these types of IDs have been used in some metropolitan areas for years, Johnson County is first in Iowa or the Midwest to offer this type of program to its residents.


Community IDs are offered to people who have difficulty accessing State Identification Cards. Any resident of the county, even those who already have state ID or driver’s license can get Johnson County Community ID, but they are more useful for elderly, undocumented immigrants and those people who are in poverty and the homeless.

Residents who receive Johnson County Community ID can be used at participating business for discounts and promotions. Even though they are IDs, they cannot be used to access state services. Carriers of Community IDs cannot present it as identification when applying for driver’s license or the voter registration. On the other hand this type of ID can be used to open a bank account or obtain a library card. Also, these IDs can be presented when interacting with schools and law enforcement and that means that people would be more willing to report crimes or seek medical attention.

Community IDs might not be state or federal ID cards, but they still identify individuals as community members. Johnson Community IDs are not free. The cost is $8 for adults and $4 for children. If lost, there will be a small replacement charge. In order to apply for Johnson county Community ID one needs to present documents that establish residency, for example, passports, birth certificates, green cards, utility bills, rental agreements and etc. (For complete list go to


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