Iowa Latinos: What are you going to do now?

August has been a very tumultuous month for politics in Iowa. All major candidates from both parties have been zig-zagging the state and taking photo-ops kissing babies and eating fried anything at the Iowa State Fair. 


This past month we saw immigration jump to the forefront of the political issues thanks to the vile rhetoric that keeps coming out of Donald Trump’s unapologetic mouth and all the lagging candidates jumping on the “Let’s try to keep up with Trump’s craziness” bandwagon. 

We saw a wide spectrum on the handling of this issue from the Iowa Freedom Pilgrimage that traveled across the state exercising their activism in rallies, processions and vigils (read more about it on page 12) to Jorge Ramos thrown out of a press conference being told to “Go back to Univision” by Donald Trump in Dubuque, Iowa and finally to the civil discussion at the #UniteIowa on Immigration Forum in Storm Lake, Iowa moderated by Des Moines Register columnist Kyle Munson and organized and supported by over 30 organizations from all over Iowa including (page 6). 

Latinos in Iowa have gone through many stages in handling the hateful rhetoric aimed at them and their loved ones. We’ve gone through anger, we’ve spoken out, we have discussed it in a civil manner. What is the next step? Now we organized, now we get registered to vote and now we caucus in February in Iowa.  

As a good friend of mine is always saying “In you’re not sitting at the table to voice you opinion then you might be part of the menu”. For people like Trump we are definitely part of the menu. 


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