Hola Iowa Hires Marketing and Community Outreach Specialist for Central Iowa

Hola Hires Speacialist

2017 marks a year of opportunities for Hola America Media Group. Its news branch, Hola Iowa, welcomes a current Hola America collaborator, Marlu Abarca, to a new position as Marketing and Community Outreach Specialist. Marlu Abarca is an Iowa transplant from Los Angeles, CA and resides in Des Moines. “I was very happy to hear about this opportunity to help expand Hola in Iowa, especially Central Iowa where our presence has only been here for about 2 years,” says Abarca. “I enjoyed reading Hola Iowa news so much, that last year, I asked if I could start writing for them as well.” Abarca began as a collaborator, blogging during the Iowa Caucuses season in 2016.

“What drew me to this position and to this company is my passion for raising awareness in my community. Hola and I share many of the same values–we are family-oriented, we value educating our community and keeping them civically engaged, as well as taking the time to recognize champions in the Latino community; but most of all, we love connecting people.” Abarca is a graduate of Grinnell College ‘14 and has been serving as an ambassador to her community during her 6 years living in Iowa. “Growing up in LA, I was very privileged to be around people that looked and sounded like me. When I came to Iowa, I wanted to feel the same connection to my community, so I started finding ways to get involved.” Abarca serves on several boards and commissions in Iowa and is eager to use her connections to unite people. “I love my Iowa community and I am excited to partner with Hola Iowa to deepen those connections and create opportunities for Iowans to learn more about the organizations in their own backyard.”

If you or your organization would like to explore options for connecting with and reaching the Latino community in Iowa, contact holaamerica2000@aol.com.

Hola offers a plethora of options for you and your organization to expand your reach and influence including but not limited to: Hola America Business Directory, Monthly Ads, Facebook advertisements, and Hola social media presence.

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