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Hola America celebrates 15 years in business

Dear reader, 

Hola America newspaper has reached its 15 year anniversary. During these years we brought you important news about and for the Hispanic community from Iowa and Illinois. 


These past 15 years were pleasant and sometimes difficult, but very satisfactory at the same time. 

The reason why we continue doing what we do is the acceptance that you, the reader, give us with every issue of Hola America and Hola Iowa. That is why the celebration of the 15th Anniversary is a celebration of you, our audience. Thank you very much. 

As the publisher of the newspapers and our web sites I cannot forget to thank all of our collaborators who make this newspaper possible for you to enjoy. Thank you Anastassia Zvoryguina, Nick Cunningham, Luis Lara, José Murillo, Mónica Lara, Brandon González, Berenice Liborio and everyone of our many other collaborators. It is with their help that the newspaper is created and distributed and our web site gets updated. Also, to all the people who used to be a part of the Hola America team, I thank you all. 

I owe a huge thank you to our local newspaper The Dispatch, where Hola America has been printed for the past 10 years. Has an established big business instead of seeing us as competition they have embraced us and helped us, a minority owned small business, grow. They are great example of business and community-minded leadership for everyone to follow. I would like to thank the publisher Mr. Jerry Taylor, general manager Scott Aswege, Linda Bridgeford, Doug Teggatz, Dale Attwood and everyone else at The Dispatch. 

I also would like to thank my lovely wife Erika and my family for their patience and sacrifices they’ve made knowing that sometimes my egoism and ignorance makes them take second place when it comes to my job. In my heart they will always by my first and only priority. Thank you. 

And I want to thank our sponsors because of them Hola America is a free publication. With their economic support the newspaper is there for you, reader. So, next time you visit one of our sponsoring business, please, thank them for their support of Hola America. Ascentra Credit Union, MidAmerican Energy, Jose’s Tires, Genesis Birth Center, University of Illinois Extension, Eric Reyes Law, D&S Autos and many others. With their help Hola America is free for everyone to pick up and our web site is free to visit. 

Thank you very much to everyone for these 15 years and we hope that with your permission, the reader, Hola America will be able to celebrate 15 more years in business. 




Tarsicio Macias, 


Hola America English Spanish Newspaper

Hola Iowa Newspaper


And HolaIowa.com


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