Hermosillo connects with residents at east-side neighborhood meeting

Rocio Hermosillo, who is running for the District 3 seat on the Des Moines School Board, met with about 45 residents at the Sheridan Gardens Neighborhood Association meeting on Thursday.


Hermosillo spoke about herself and her priorities in seeking the seat, and answered questions from residents. Those in attendance had concerns about many issues including the school district’s budget and possible budget cuts, outsourcing of substitute teachers, transportation and the district’s communication with residents when it comes to redistricting and redrawing boundaries.

“I was inspired by the number of residents who attended. It showed that their neighborhood is striving and that they care about how it can grow and improve,” Hermosillo said. “When people get together extraordinary things happen, and I’m excited to be part of that.”

Hermosillo said that she, too, has concerns with the budget, and assured residents that cuts to salaries and positions are a last resort option. Hermosillo is in the process of scheduling a meeting with Thomas Harper, the chief financial officer for Des Moines Public Schools, to discuss budgetary issues and learn more about the district’s finances.

“I want to know as much as possible about the district’s financial condition and the options available to cover budgetary shortfalls so I can adequately represent our district,” she said.

Hermosillo has lived in Des Moines for more than 20 years and graduated from Des Moines public schools. She will seek the District 3 seat, which represents the east side of Des Moines. Ms. Hermosillo speaks fluent Spanish. The election is Sept. 8.

For more information about Hermosillo, go to Rocio Hermosillo for School Board on Facebook, or contact Melissa Walker atMelissa@mwmediaconsultants.com or 515-681-7731.

Photo courtesy of Randy Vizcarra


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