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Farewell words from the Consul of Mexico in Nebraska

I am pleased to inform you that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, José Antonio Mead, announced me that I will be promoted to the Consulate of Mexico in Douglas, Arizona. Therefore, the next July I will take possession of my new assignment.

Since I started working in Omaha, I knew my life would change for the better. It’s time to start new professional projects, but I’m proud to have met every one of you, you will stay in my mind; I always remember the time we spent together, facing challenges and planning solutions.

After my very enjoyable stay in the Midwest, new expectations are produced to achieve another personal goal, that fills my professional dreams and make me feel good, always with the love to Mexico.

With these words, I pretend to give you my sincere thanks for having accompanied me so closely and so effectively. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your dedication, your openness to change, your contributions and for supporting me in so many ideas, proposals and projects. Projects that we saw made and are essential for the development and presence of Mexico abroad.

I’m optimistic about the future of Mexicans National in this area. I know the commitment and tenacity of the great staff that works at the Consulate. They, like me, are concerned with the development of the Latino communities in general, and with Mexico in particular.

I was very lucky to have worked in this place because leaders, authorities, business people and the people always made me feel like a member of this great community, working together has helped me a lot, thank you.

It is possible that in my new role I will require the support of you, and then we will meet again.

Finally, at the end of my work representing Mexico in the states of Nebraska and Iowa, I run into mixed emotions. It is normal to feel bad because I will not be near of those special friends who were with me and my family so many days, of course I will miss them as well as the work environment to which I was accustomed.

All deadlines are due, as well as the time to say goodbye. I’m going away … it’s true, but I left a large group of friends, and it hurts…

Many thanks for all your support, but especially for your friendship, and your understanding during these past six years.


Jorge Ernesto Espejel Montes

Consul of Mexico


Captions: (above) Consul Espejel and his Consulado Movil Team

                  (below) Consul Espejel assiting a Mexican national at their Davenport, IA visit last year

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