Falling in Love in Iowa through the Rhythms of Bachata

Cue in the Bachata sounds of the requinto guitar. The smooth voice of Romeo Santos singing how “it’s 5 AM and he can’t sleep and how he is going to go crazy thinking of her beauty”.


Adela and Brian Adeniyi Williams story of falling in love, despite coming from two different cultures, feels like a melody that paints a classic Bachata song. This is their love story.

Brian is from South of Nigeria and Adela is from Tamaulipas, Mexico. Not only did Bachata music bring this beautiful couple together, it became deeply intertwined in their life. Brian and Adela, parents of two beautiful boys, have been married since 2012 and they are partners in teaching Bachata dancing at their company Bachata Des Moines.

The couple met on a dance floor with Bachata sounds floating in the air and making the night even more magical.

“We’ve been together ever since. I’ve been with Bachata Des Moines ever since,” Mrs. Williams said.

Bachata ignited their hearts on fire. But before the sparks of the romance started to fly around Adela simply wanted to learn to dance Bachata and she knew that Brian was giving lessons. She tried getting a hold of him through Facebook but he never responded.

“He’s not very tech-savvy,” Mrs. Williams shared a small secret about the love of her life.

But what was meant to be will be. Destiny, in this love story, was not waiting idly and just a couple months later it brought Adela and Brian together.  First time they noticed each other was when both attended a children’s party, but that day they did not speak to each other. Destiny threw them a second chance and the following week, they met at a dance club. Brian asked Adela to dance, but Adela was not sure she could follow his fancy footwork and at first she refused. But Brian was determined to hold on to the chance destiny had given them.

“I asked her to dance and the rest is history,” Mr. Williams said.

After the encounter in the dance club, they started dating. Later Brian learned that Adela also was very passionate about Bachata and he asked her if she would join him in giving Bachata lessons. She agreed and she’s been with Brian and with Bachata Des Moines ever since.

Bachata is a Latino genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic in the early parts of the 20th century with the European and African descendants in the country and spread to other parts of Latin America and Mediterranean Europe.

Sure, destiny brought these two young people together various times, but it was Brian who noticed a similar passion for Bachata in Adela. The air was saturated with sensual sounds of Bachata and romance. They had great chemistry. Even though scared at first, Adela learned to dance quickly. Brian realized that Adela might be the one, his other half, his friend and someone who shares his passion for Bachata.

While this couple keeps on falling in love with Bachata music as the soundtrack of their life, they, similar to many other couples, do sometimes have their share of struggles. Yes, Brian’s family is happy Brian’s choice of life partner. Adela’s family loves the new family member as if he always had been around dancing and teaching them to move to a sound of Bachata. Being from two different cultures with two different languages, sometimes it is not very easy for families to communicate. Brian learned Spanish and now he can carry a simple conversation with Adela’s family.

“I don’t practice speaking as much as I should, I understand when its spoken but when I try to have a conversation, I try to put it together in my head but when it doesn’t work out I respond in English,” Brian said.

Brian’s native language from Nigeria is Yoruba and he can understand it but doesn’t speak it because his parents wanted him to be fluent in English.

“I’m going to take on a challenge, I’m going to learn to speak Spanish and Yoruba so I can speak it with [Kayodé],” Brian said.

Kayodé “Kai” Antonio Adeniyi Williams is Brian and Adela’s 2 year old son. The couple also has a 10-year-old son named Donathan or “D” as they call him. Donathan, Adela’s son from a previous marriage, speaks Spanish, English and Mandarin.

This family might be multicultural and multilingual, but since the very beginning Bachata has always been the constant that unites them. Not only Brian and Adela spend their time on the dance floor, also, both of their children are quite a great pair of Bachata dancers themselves. Kai, the youngest, already loves Bachata as much as his father does. Also, similar to his father he can easily learn the dance moves from just watching videos. Bachata runs through Kai’s veins.

“He’s dancing all the time,” Adela said with a big smile.

In Iowa a boy from Africa meets beautiful girl from Tamaulipas, Mexico. Their mutual love for dancing Bachata ignites their romance. They marry. They raise a beautiful family and continue nurturing their love through the romantic rhythms of this music that hails from the Dominican Republic. Brian and Adela’s story is not only a story where love conquers all. It is The Great Bachata song that just hasn’t been written yet. 


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