Edgar Ortiz wants your vote for the Des Moines School Board

Edgar Ortiz is more than just a combat veteran, wonderful husband and a loving father; he also is a man who has a vision and desire to improve his community. That is why he is one of nine candidates looking to be elected to the Des Moines School Board. The elections for Des Moines School Board will be on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. 


Before the big election takes place, let us find out who really is candidate Edgar Ortiz. Edgar Ortiz was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After finishing school, he attended Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. He graduated from University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science. 

From 1994 and 2011 Mr. Ortiz worked as Aviation Operations Specialist with United States Army. He was serving his country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Colombia. In fact, while in the Amy Mr. Ortiz took part in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

“I am very proud to be a combat veteran,” Mr. Ortiz said. 

Being from Puerto Rico and traveling the world while serving his country Mr. Ortiz never imagined he would eventually settle down in Des Moines, Iowa. It was 2008, the year when his fate was in the making. While on the tour in Egypt, he met his future wife. The two young people quickly became friends and when the tour was over and both of them returned to United States they kept in touch. Mr. Ortiz was stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas while his other half returned to Iowa. Until 2011, when Edgar Ortiz left the Army, couple did not have an easy kind of relationship. Even though it was hard at times, but they made it work splitting their time between Kansas and Iowa. Once his service with the Army was over, Mr. Ortiz moved with the love of his life to her native state of Iowa. 

“I moved to Iowa and fell in love with everything in Des Moines except the winter weather,” Edgar Ortiz shared with a laugh. 

Now Mr. Ortiz is a proud father of four beautiful daughters and they keep him and his wife very busy. 

A combat veteran, a father and a husband, Edgar Ortiz does not stop there. This year he is running for Des Moines School Board. 

“I decided to run for one important reason; that it is to help to improve our community. I want to work towards increased academic success for all students which means helping our underprivileged receive the same opportunities,” Mr. Ortiz told. 

Candidate Ortiz has a lot of valuable experience he can bring to the School Board. Not only he is a combat veteran, he also had worked in the government sector while in Puerto Rico, also he was District Executive for Boy Scouts of America and he is the son of a retired teacher. While working with Boy Scouts of America, he created a lot of after school programs in Central Iowa. As a matter of fact, after school programs are one of his top priorities. 

“After school programs because how kids spend time out of school is just as important as when they are in school,” Candidate Edgar Ortiz explained one of his priorities. 

Special education, teachers and health, safety and wellness of the students are the other three important priorities Edgar Ortiz set for himself. 

“Special education touches close to home and is top priority to ensure Des Moines takes care of this ongoing need. Teachers are paramount to our children’s development and enough cannot be said for taking care of the people that take care of our children,” Mr. Ortiz explained his top priorities if he was elected   to Des Moines School Board. 

In addition to these top priorities that are very beneficial to the whole community, Edgar Ortiz is a candidate who is always looking to learn more and he loves to work with people. And those two things he considers as his passions. 

“I want to be the voice on the school board and together we can make a change,” Edgar Ortiz declared. 

In order for Mr. Ortiz to become this voice for the community voters need to put him in one of the four seats available on the Des Moines School Board. All the registered voters are invited to come out on Tuesday September 8, 2015 and vote for Edgar Ortiz, a retired combat veteran with a big vision and desire to improve the community he lives in. 


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