Dora Villarreal joins the law firm Nieman Law Group, P.C.

Good lawyers are hard to come by. Lawyers that specialize in criminal defense, speak Spanish and live in our area are even harder to find. That is why it is good to know that Dora Villarreal possess all of these characteristics and she is starting her practice as a partner at a reputable law firm Nieman Law Group, P.C.

Dora Villarreal grew up in Rock Island. After graduating from Alleman Hish School, Dora Villarreal continued her education at Southern Illinois University, where she acquired Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Speech Communication. Later on she obtained her Juris Doctor from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

Before coming back to Quad Cities area and taking a job at Rock Island Public Defender’s Office, Villarreal served as a judicial clerk in Minneapolis, MN. While launching her career as criminal defense lawyer she represented clients with different kinds of problems. Her cases ranged from DUI and traffic tickets to more serious felonies. She tried a lot of cases and she successfully won jury and bench trials. She is also an active member of the Rocks Island County Bar Association and Prairie State Legal Service Leadership Committee.

She spent more than 4 years living in Monterrey, Mexico and this experience helped her to become more fluent in Spanish language. The ability to speak Spanish is a very important part of Villarreal’s career. Thanks to this ability she is able to help her Spanish speaking clients and their families to better understand criminal case proceedings and to assure that they reactive fair treatment in courts.

As a lawyer in Nieman Law Group, P.C. Dora Villarreal also is able to help people in a matter of deportation proceedings (ICE Holds) and criminal charges ranging from drug possession to more serious crimes.

If you need consultation or representation in either English or Spanish please contact Nieman Law Group P.C. offices at (309) 623-4831 or for Spanish (309) 517-5160. The office location is 1718 8th Avenue in Moline, Illinois. Go to ; for more information in both English and Spanish.


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