Don’t Miss Dance 4 Diversity

Attention Middle School and High School kids! Expect music, dance, food and prizes. What else more do you need to make your Friday night a fun night? Get your friends together and check out Dance 4 Diversity, an event that celebrates a diverse community through art.


Dance 4 Diversity is an event brought to you by the Juarez brothers and Miss Iowa, Aly Olson. Eric Juarez, a fitness instructor, and Emmanuel Juarez, CEO of Prestige Music, had an idea for an event that combines their passions for fitness and music. One day Eric Juarez was listening to Aly Olsen, Miss Iowa, talk about her dedication to promote diversity. That was the day he came up with idea of Dance 4 Diversity. Eric Juarez did not waste any time and asked Ms. Olsen if she wanted to help. Miss Iowa accepted and Dance 4 Diversity was born. 

Dance 4 Diversity will be on Friday, May 22 from 4:30 to 9:30 at Teen Center, located at 1122 5th Ave, Moline. Admission is free and the following performers will participate:

RusHour, QC Motion Respiro Belly Dance Team, Mallards Cheerleaders, Megan Van Dyke, Miguel Rosas will be doing a live hair cut, Atlanta Dawn will be creating a live masterpiece. 

Don’t be the only one to miss the best event of this year .Get all your friends together and go to Dance 4 Diversity, 


If you still haven’t heard of them, probably you are living under a rock somewhere! RusHour, a hip hop duo, consists of Juan Valtierra and Curtis Bell. These two are from East Moline and they have been dancing for five years. On top of training for 12 hours a day these dancers also have performed at 40 different community events, spoke, taught and performed in more than 20 different schools.  Valtierra and Bell are not just dancers they are role models and they take very seriously their role. 


In recent years belly dance has fused into American culture. Many enjoy learning this unique style of dance. Quad City Motion Respiro Belly Dance Team was started by Tagheed Karadsheh and now her daughter Samantha Karadsheh took the reins. She offers workout classes and workshops for youth and adults. Also, she teaches the team to perform around the Quad Cities. Whether a beginner or advanced dancer, everyone is welcomed at Quad City Motion Respiro Belly Dance Team.  


Dance runs through her veins. Megan Van Dyke started dancing when she was only 5 years old and she hasn’t stop since. In fact, not only have she danced with different local dance companies, also, at the age of 14 she was already teaching and doing her own choreography. She won many awards for her choreography and received many scholarships through different dance conventions. A Quad Cities own talented young woman. Don’t miss her at Dance 4 Diversity. 


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