CSL Plasma Sells Cookbook for Immunodeficiency Awareness

Unless you know someone with it or have it yourself, you may not know very much information on Immunodeficiency disorders.  Michael Sarginson, Center Supervisor at CSL Plasma in downtown Davenport, IA and all the employees there would like to change that.


April is immunodeficiency Month.  Immunodeficiency disorders prevent your body from being able to fight infections and diseases the way that it should.  

“The entire Month of April, CSL tries to get a bunch of fundraising ideas together and we donate all the funds to the Immune Deficiency Foundation,” explained Sarginson. 

They have done this for the past three years but decided to try something new in 2015.  “I thought of how everyone in the center constantly talks about food,” said Sarginson.  “So I asked everyone for three of their favorite recipes and we had a cookbook made.”  100% of the proceeds will go to the Immune Deficiency Foundation.  

The cookbooks cost only $5 as the center hopes to reach their $2,500 goal.  

In addition to all the money raised going to IDF, each CSL center has a new patient through the Adopt-A-Patient program where IDF will help supplement all the medicine they need to help fight this disease.  And if that’s wasn’t enough, CSL has also teamed up with Transitions Business Services where special needs residents help put together the cookbooks helping their social and recreational activity skills.  “We are helping Transitions out and they are helping us out,” said Sarginson.  “And all together we are helping Immune Deficiency Foundation.  

For more information on IDF or to buy a Davenport CSL Cookbook, call 563-323-1106 and ask for Jacinda Head or Michael Sarginson.  The cookbooks are $5 and have to be purchased at the Davenport CSL center, 520 Brady Street, Davenport, IA, along with Immunodeficiency t-shirts and bracelets also for sale.


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