Business Profile: Premier Jewelry and Loan

Many of us are very familiar with a popular History Channel TV show called Pawn Stars, but when people think about pawn shops they assume they are a dark and dreary place filled with angry looking employees a far cry from the pawn shop shown on TV. Fortunately, not all pawn shops are the same and there are those that go above and beyond to not only help customers, but also to make sure they feel welcomed in the store.

Premier Jewelry and Loan is a store that takes a great care and pride in how the employees treat their customers. Inside the store everything is vibrant and full of life. The customer will never find dusty tools or dirty electronics here. Inside the store there is a great selection of jewelry, music instruments, DJ equipment, electronics, tools, etc. Besides an inviting environment, employees of Premier Jewelry and Loan are very friendly and respectful to every customer. They are experts and educated in different fields. If someone has a piece of jewelry they need to sell Premier Jewelry and Loan has experts in gold and diamonds. They easily can let customer know if this particular jewelry is real gold and how much it cost according to prices of the gold for that particular day.

For those who do not speak English well, Premier Jewelry and Loan has an employee who speaks fluent Spanish. Fernando Hernandez is available to answer any question the customer has in Spanish. When a customer calls or comes to the store they can simply ask to talk to Mr. Hernandez.

Premier Jewelry and Loan also offers collateral loans. Those customers who do not wish to sell their valuable item they can bring it to the store and get a 30 day loan with 20% interest. There is no credit check and no references needed. Anyone older than 18 years old with state ID, passport or consulate ID can bring their valuable item to the store and receive a credit for it. After 30 days the customer can whether pay the loan and a small fee and get the item back, or they can extend their loan as long the interest rate is paid and then the interest rate goes down to 15%.

For those customers who have large collections or very heavy items Premier Jewelry and Loans offer house visits. The employee would go to the house of customer to look at the item or items and make an offer. Another wonderful customer oriented service Premier Jewelry and Loan offers is allowing their customers simply to send a picture of a valuable item by e-mail for an estimate. By offering these valuable services to their customers Premier Jewelry and Loan shows how important the customer is for them. They also take safety and security very seriously. They pride themselves in having a safe and secure store. Everything is locked up at night and Shane Tague, store manager, also assured that they do not ever sell their customer’s information to other marketing companies.

When it comes to trade employees of Premier Jewelry and Loan can look at a valuable item and make an offer and if customer accepts they receive CASH for it. 

“Once they come and see what we do and how we treat people, they come back,” Mr. Tague said.

Employees of Premier Jewelry and Loan might not be stars of a popular TV show, but they do not act for the cameras, they truly offer the best customer service they can. Customers are welcomed and respected here. Every aspect, starting from the store itself and finishing with friendliness of their employees, was designed to not only to bring the customer in, but also to keep the customer coming back again and again.

Premier Jewelry and Loan is located at 875 Middle Road, Bettendorf, IA. The phone number is (563) 355-0766. Website is and e-mail is you can also find them on Facebook

The store has loyalty card program, where every time customer sells $100 worth they get a punch on their card and after 10 punches the customer receives $50. Every customer who mentions this article in Hola America when doing business with Premier Jewelry and Loan will receive one free punch.


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