Business Profile: Abundant Health Chiropractic

Health is a one of the most precious things in life. Lately, people all over America are starting to realize that there are different approaches to staying healthy and those approaches do not always require a handful of pills. Dr. Sinan Gocman, a principled neurologically based Chiropractor, is a doctor who wants to teach his patients health strategies that are natural and drug free.


Originally from Freeport, IL Dr. Sinan Gocman studied at Palmer College and he is Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release. Torque release technique is a scientific chiropractic technique that provides very gentle chiropractic adjustments. In July of this year Dr. Sinan opened his practice Abundant Health Chiropractic in Bettendorf, IA.

Many people know what Chiropractic is and does. But Dr. Sinan is a Chiropractor who instead of providing temporary relief, looks for ways to help his patients to be healthy for the longer term. When patients come to see him, they get an evaluation and if both the doctor and patient are willing to work together towards the same goal then they can decide on the plan of actions.

More than anything Dr. Sinan says: “We want to get to the root of the problem.”

As many know this is very important because just treating the symptoms does not always mean that one is getting better. Unfortunately, not every spine can be corrected that is why before anything is done Dr. Sinan evaluates the patient. And as with any other doctor out there patients have to be honest with their Chiropractor, so the he could provide the best care possible.

Because Dr. Sinan specializes in gentle adjustments even babies and elderly can receive treatment.

“We provide gentle care. It is very specific. We adjust only what needs to be adjusted exactly,” Dr. Sinan explained.

Dr. Sinan wants to help everyone in the Quad Cities community to find a better and healthier way to live.

“We are here to give answers to health problems. The body is meant to heal and thrive,” Dr. Sinan explained.

Nowadays many people are in search of better and different ways in staying healthy. Dr. Sinan is there to help. He is here to teach everyone wanting to learn that you don’t always need a pill to feel better because there is a better way to stay healthy without damaging side effects.

If you wish to learn more about Dr. Sinan and Principled Chiropractic care please visit Abundant Health Chiropractic website To make appointment to see Dr. Sinan Gocman please call (563) 275-6332. Mention Hola Iowa or Hola America and receive your own complete neurological chiropractic health assessment free of charge. You can also make an appointment through their website or going to Abundant Health Chiropractic located at 878 Middle Road, Bettendorf, IA. 


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