Bruno Mars: Not ashamed of his Puerto Rican Heritage

Bruno Mars recently sat down with Latina Magazine for a chat in which he laid to rest all rumors that he was ashamed of his Latino heritage.

C3bdu1NW8AApnL4“I never once said I changed my last name to hide the fact that I’m Puerto Rican. Why would I say that? Who are you fooling? And why would anyone say that? That’s so insulting to me, to my family.

“There are a lot of people who have this mixed background that are in this gray zone,” he says, “A lot of people think, ‘This is awesome. You’re in this gray zone, so you can pass for whatever the hell you want.’ But it’s not like that at all. It’s actually the exact opposite.”

Mars was born into a musical family that exposed him to a variety of music, much of which influences the music he produces today. “When you say ‘black music,’ understand that you are talking about rock, jazz, R&B, reggae, funk, doo-wop, hip-hop, and Motown. Black people created it all. Being Puerto Rican, even salsa music stems back to the Motherland [Africa]. So, in my world, black music means everything. It’s what gives America its swag.”

Bruno Mars is currently on tour in the United States and Internationally on his 24K Magic World Tour.

Listen to his new music here:

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