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Anastassia Zvoryguina
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Teaching kids responsibility and sportsmanship through boxing

Keeping kids of the streets while teaching them responsibility and sportsmanship is what Jeff Perez does. And to help him do this admirable work that helps young people of this community, Jeff Perez invites everyoneContinue reading…

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East Moline Main Street: Fun in downtown East Moline for the summer

Summer in Quad Cities is always full of fun events and festivals. While many imagine The District of Rock Island or Downtown Davenport when they think of summer fun, there are also a lot ofContinue reading…

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Vibrant Neighborhoods Floreciente features residents and their pride of the neighborhood, gives them an additional voice

The Project Vibrant Neighborhoods Floreciente by WQPT is a project that offers the neighbors from Floreciente and additional voice to showcase their pride in their place of residence and at the same time gives themContinue reading…

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Latina Entrepreneur, Mother of Two, Succeeds Against All Odds

Hardships either break people or make them. Since early age Sonia Villalpando has had more than her share of hardships to deal with. Despite the difficulties, she never let them keep her down.  Villalpando, 27-year-oldContinue reading…

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Not In Our Town Muscatine is a movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe inclusive communities for all

It seems as though last few months brought the worst out in people. It might be true, but not everyone gives in to the bad environment around them. Amidst of all the angry rhetoric andContinue reading…

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Pink Pass Program at Palomares in Moline will provide passes for free mammograms

Health is something everyone should treasure. Sometimes for women it is hard to find a minute for themselves, but as much as women care for their kids and spouses they also have to worry aboutContinue reading…

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Nally’s Kitchen fusion of different cuisines makes their food unique and unforgettable

One can say he grew up in the kitchen. When Nassr Muhammad was just a young boy in Mato Grosso, Brazil, he spent many hours watching and even helping his mother to make empanadas forContinue reading…

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Celebrating New Citizens

Every year many immigrants, who already know and love this country as their second home, participate in a ceremony to become a citizen of the United States of America. This is one of the mostContinue reading…

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New US citizen encourages permanent residents to apply for citizenship to exercise the right to vote

During this very patriotic celebration of the 4th of July permanent residents of the United States have a chance to consider initiating the process of becoming citizen. Citizenship comes with one very important right, andContinue reading…

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The 64th Annual Fiesta Day Parade of Sterling & Rock Falls is looking for entries

Fiesta Day Parade is a tradition that is more than six decades old and still going strong in the Sauk Valley Area. It is almost time to register for Fiesta Day Parade that takes placeContinue reading…

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“We Are All Ecuador” Festival Fundraiser will take place this Sunday in Des Moines

On April of this year Ecuador was hit by a massive earthquake. Buildings were destroyed, many people were injured and a lot were killed by this natural disaster. In order to help the people ofContinue reading…

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Ascentra Credit Union

Anabel Allman, NMLS# 401774 Oficial Prestamos Hipotecarios  563-459-6948 o 800-426-5241 ext. 211 “Hablo su idioma”   MOLINE – 3005 7TH STREET MUSCATINE – 2419 PARK AVENUE (solo los Jueves) Lista completa de Oficiales de Préstamos Hipotecarios.