Aurelio’s Bake Shop

A cup of steaming coffee and a piece of cake is the best when shared with others during a celebration or during a just because occasion. It does make things even more special if a cake looks as a work of art and tastes heavenly. By now many might ask where you can find a cake that looks as beautiful as the cakes from famous bakers on food TV shows. Well, look no further than Aurelio’s Bake Shop.


Aurelio’s Bake Shop is located in Sterling, IL.  It is named after its owner and baker with 25 years of experience, Aurelio Gallardo. Gallardo is from Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico. He is a father of three kids who puts his heart and soul in every cake he bakes.

 “I really have a passion for what I do,” Gallardo said.

That is why his cakes are simply beautiful. Of course, it helps to have a background in graphic design.

“I worked in a printing company during my high school years.” Gallardo shared.

But it is one thing to print on paper, it is totally different to conceive an idea of a cake on a paper and actually be able to execute it. Gallardo is one of those bakers who can make it happen.

In addition to being an experienced baker with a passion for design, Gallardo also prides himself in offering his customers everything fresh.

“At Aurelio’s we do bake fresh. Never frozen,” he declared.

Since everything is made fresh, Gallardo asks his customers to order at least two days in advance. And of course, Aurelio sells cupcakes, muffins, pastries, pies, Mexican bread, cookies and even fruit arrangements.  Aurelio’s Bake Shop is a place where everyone with a sweet tooth can satisfy their cravings.

When Gallardo makes cakes for special occasions, such as a wedding, birthday, quinceañera, etc., they deliver and help set up the cakes. If you live in Wisconsin, Illinois or Iowa, Aurelio will bring your cake to you.

From printing on paper to making cakes out of dough and designing works of art out of fondant and sugar. Whatever you occasion might be you can enjoy a sweetly beautiful cake from Aurelio’s Bake Shop.

Aurelio’s Bake Shop is located at 517 Locust Street in Sterling, IL. To order please call (815) 626-CAKE. Look for them on Facebook.


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