Announcement by Darryl Morin, LULAC National VP-Midwest on 2016 Presidential campaign

For many, today will be considered the start of the 2016 presidential campaign season. In a video released earlier today, Hillary Clinton announced that she is seeking the presidency of the United States. This announcement will be followed shortly by an announcement by Governor Jeb Bush announcing his presidential aspirations. Both are considered front runners in their respective parties.


There have been others who have announced their intentions and yet more that will do so shortly. Unfortunately, many have already reversed their positions to gain favor with those on the extreme ends of our nation’s political spectrum, not deciding policy by national interest or even principal, but bartering the best interests of our nation for the ill perceived value of primary votes.

As these campaigns begin to focus on wedge issues, the topic of immigration reform will be atop their list of talking points. The extreme on the Republican side will continue to frame all undocumented immigrants as law breakers, drug dealers and insist that they are a terrible economic drain on our nation, while knowing these statements are disingenuous. The Democratic side will argue they are the only party fighting for justice and opportunity for all immigrants. This being said, when Democrats held the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate at the beginning of this President’s term, and in spite of numerous reassurances, immigration reform legislation was never put forth for a vote.

For this reason, I encourage all this campaign season, to hold those seeking your vote accountable for their positions and remarks. Let us once again aspire to have elected leaders that can serve as role models for our children. Let us expect our elected leaders to be of strong character and hold to their positions in spite of campaign contributions. Let us vote for the best person for the position, not the best personality for the party. Let us once again put our own families and communities before any political party.

This should not be a novel idea. However, it is estimated that over $5 billion dollars will be spent between candidates, parties and outside interests on the 2016 presidential election alone.

Family and community first… Voting for the best candidate… Putting my interests before the party’s interest. Many would call this “revolutionary thinking”.

Thank you once again for continued and generous support. Together I know we can, and will do better.

As always, may the Lord bless you, may the Lord bless your family, and may the Lord bless the United States of America!


Darryl D. Morin

LULAC National VP-Midwest


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