Alley Cats Boxing Club hosts Annual Amateur Show

Eighteen years ago Jeff Perez started to train boxers in his garage. Fast forward and now he is in a nice building, donated by Armando Calderon from Calderon Construction, with good equipment where he trains many young talented boxers.

Even though Mr. Perez is contemplating the idea of retiring in about two years and after he finds a suitable replacement, but before that happens he wants to invite the community to support his boxers by coming to their annual fundraiser on November 7 at 4700 Black Hawk Rd., in Rock Island. The doors will open at 5 PM and the fights will start at 6 PM. The tickets cost $7 at advance and $10 at the door.

This is going to be 16th year for this fundraiser. Mr. Perez assures that this is going to be a great event with National champions from Nebraska, Michigan, Indianapolis and St. Louis. There will be food and drinks and a 50/50 raffle. The money collected from this event will be used for covering travel expenses of his boxers. Mr. Perez invites everyone to come enjoy a great show and support young boxers.

“There is more action in our kids fights than professional fights on pay per view,” Mr. Perez laughs.

He also says that sometimes people tend to assume that boxing might be a little too violent for everyone in the family, but he assures that this even is very family oriented.

“They put a good show,” Mr. Perez talks about his young fighters.

When talking about good fighters, Mr. Perez finds himself sharing the victory of one of his young boxers Erick Ramos. Ramos might be just a 6th grader in John Deere Middle School, but at his young age he is already a winner of a National title tournament that took place in Hot Springs, Arizona in June of this year.

Ramos might be just 11 years old boy, but over the years Perez had many boxers who now are fathers themselves and he hopes that they all can come and support the younger generation.

“All the boxers who used to box I wish they would come out to support younger fights, “Mr. Perez shares his wish with us.

Jeff Perez might be thinking about retirement, but that does not mean that this year’s fundraiser and show will be any less entertaining than the ones from previous year. All he wants to do is put on a great show for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars and come out on November 7 to support Jeff Perez and his young boxers. The Annual Fundraiser is on November 7 at 6 PM (Doors open at 5 PM). Tickets are on sale now. For tickets call Jeff Perez at (309) 236-3098 or ask any fighter. Tickets cost is $7 in advance and $10 at the door. The event will be at 4700 Black Hawk Road in Rock Island.

Picture top: Alley Cats’ Professional Boxer Limberth Ponce, National Youth Champion Erick Ramos and Coach Jeff Perez

Picture below:National Youth Champion Erick Ramos

Photos by Tar Macias

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