Alex González of Mana and his new Band DE LA TIERRA are coming to Chicago

DE LA TIERRA announced the long-awaited dates of the first part of their long U.S. tour shortly after concluding their Southamerican tour with over ten concerts that included several shows as Metallica’s guest musicians. The group’s debut in this country will take place in Los Angeles, California, at the Fonda Theatre, on August 31, and will conclude at House of Blues in Chicago on September 7.

Ever since the release of DE LA TIERRA’s album, by the same name, this group has not only awakened expectations among heavy metal fans and each member’s followers, but also the curiosity of the press which in some cases admitted their previous doubts. Said doubts were not only base don this being a new group but also because its members come from a variety of genres that may be contrasting in some cases (Sr. Flavio of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Alex González of Mana, Andreas Kisser of Sepultura and Andres Jiménez of A.N.I.M.A.L. /DMente). However, said doubts disappeared regardless of the country or place where this band, consisting of four well-known musicians, performed, overcoming all hurdles.
With their performances in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia and Mexico during the Vive Latino Festival, DE LA TIERRA left their mark, both at mass concerts as well as at smaller venue performances. This earned them a new legion of followers and spurred the interest even more of seeing the group’s live show in this country. U.S. audiences have been waiting for almost one year to see them in concert, ever since the news of the release of their first single, “Maldita Historia”.
Their influences are metal, trash, groove, funk, pop and rock. These four big-name and renowned Latin American musicians, members of DE LA TIERRA, who are talented and have a great deal of stage experience, deliver a one-of-its-kind experience  at their live shows where they rely on a powerful and honest formation.
During interviews, the band’s members confirm that they share their own personal taste as well as their passion for metal. There exists a great chemistry among all of them, both on and off-stage. The desire to be there, playing DE LA TIERRA’s music, can be perceived at their concerts to the extent that it may look as if the group has been playing together for many years.
It is now the turn of the United States to see DE LA TIERRA perform live and experience the intensity of this band – this is a unique and special occasion. Tickets will go on sale next week. After their U.S. tour, DE LA TIERRA will return to Colombia where they have confirmed their participation at the legendary and mass Rock al Parque Festival, an event that has seen performances of rock’s greatest names.


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