A very special park bench

Different places mean different things to different people. This romantic story started in Butterworth Park in East Moline many years ago and on July 18 the memory will be celebrated with a bench dedication.


It was 1940, the war had started in Europe and nobody even imagined how long and scary the next 4 years will be. But no matter the global events young people meet and fall in love. The story of Charley and Jenny is a romantic one. Charley Garcia came to United States from Michoacán, Mexico when he was still a child. Jenny Garcia (Sandoval before she got married) was from the now well known Hero Street in Silvis. These two young people had their first date in Butterworth Park in East Moline. These young people enjoyed each other’s company while sharing a red and very juicy watermelon.

Pass forward to 1948 and Charley and Jenny have now been married for 7 years and Charley has built a beautiful house for his young wife right by the park where they had their first date. For this family of seven the house by the Butterworth Park is full of memories. Charley and Jenny Garcia lived happily in the house; they raised 5 wonderful girls here.

“When we were young our dad told us that it was our park,” Irene, one of the daughters of Charley and Jenny Garcia shared with us. She added that when they were small they used to think that the whole park belonged to them.

This year on July 18 the sisters decided to dedicate an iron bench to their beloved parents that are no longer living. And of course they chose Butterworth Park for their bench.

“We grew up there. That’s why we decided to have a bench in this city park,” Irene said.

To celebrate their parents and the many wonderful memories they have there, Irene and her sisters invite everyone who knew Charley and Jenny Garcia to the dedication event at 12:00 PM and potluck picnic afterwards.

Ben Butterworth Park in East Moline might just be any other park for other people, but for the daughters of Charley and Jenny Garcia it is more than just a park. It is a place full of beautiful memories. If you knew Charley and Jenny Garcia come to Butterworth Park on July 18 at 12:00 PM for the bench dedication and potluck picnic. Ben Butterworth Park is located on 23rd Avenue near the Soule Bowl Stadium in East Moline.


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